Do I not have the best friends in the entire world?  Gosh.

Between these two posts (one & two), all the other kind things they've said to me in my life, things they do for me all the time, ways these ladies have loved me and times we've shared, a girl could have no better friends. I know you probably don't care but I just have to shout from the rooftops how special Hannah and Maggie are to me.

I could talk for hours about how they've changed my life, which I'm sure you will hear as the posts go by, but for now, I mainly wanted them to know that their kind words mean a lot to me.  And if you think we talk about each other too much, then you have probably never laughed so hard you peed your pants, talked on the phone for 5 hours straight, rapped to Ja Rule in your bedroom, sobbed on your friend's shoulder over a boy, saw rings exchanged and bellies grow through the long and beautiful years of a best friendship.  I mean that's what life's about, right?

A little encouragement can mean so much in a world where girls compare and rip each other to pieces.  I still vividly remember the early stages of our friendship and totally not even believing how sweet my new friends were to me. I was used to the roller coaster ride of High School friendships and didn't know what to do when my friends loved me no matter what.  I look back at our year book entries to one another:

Excerpts from Hannah in 2001:
This year has been an awesome experience because it was with you.  I don't know what I would do without you Rach! You brighten up all my days and mend my heart when it's broken.  You are always willing to listen to me and are the best friend anyone could ever wish to have.  I am so lucky God brought you into my life.  He has something special planned for us... and I believe it's a forever lasting friendship.  I am always here for you, heck I would come over in the middle of the night if you needed me, just to be with you.  

Excerpts From Maggie in 2002:
My beautiful Angel. Oh Man- what to say?  I don't think you realize how much you've helped me grow this past year.  I look back and wonder how I ever made it through this crazy world without my Crazie Rachie;) You have always been ready for me to lay my problems on you.  You single-handedly have given me advice that I couldn't possibly thank you enough for. You, me, Han and Jesus are going to touch the world. I could fill up this whole yearbook with reasons why I love Rachel.Lauren.Larrison.  

I remember being so moved by those loving words. I share these today, not for my benefit but because I want you to see how beautiful my friends are.  Their hearts are some of the most wonderful in this whole world.  And I thank God for them and the way they have changed and loved me.

There truly are very few things in this life more wonderful than a special friendship. And I can say firsthand, when you find a friend this special, you just CAN'T let them go.  I love you, Hannah and Maggie. Forever.


  1. i laughed and i cried:) we were so wise back then, even as silly teenagers. this is such a sweet post....i loved that you dug up our old yearbooks! you're a wonderful friend, crazie rachie:)

  2. I'm pretty sure all my students are going to walk in right now and wonder "What in the world is wrong with Nurse Luann?" as I sit here blubbering. Beautiful post Rachel. Precious friendships are truly a blessing from God and very rare. You have all three been so blessed by each other. What a gift you have ALL been given in each other. And....the really good part....I get to have four daughters instead of two! :)Love you.

  3. You guys really do have something truly special! It has been fun to sit on the sidelines and watch you all grow! I love you both (Rachel & Maggie) for all the support you have given Hannah over the years! Love you all!