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today is a special day for our very own wonder woman, rachel.

many of you may or may not know, that a few months back, rachel launched her own business via the world wide web. she created a website titled Des Moines Wedding Savvy as a resource for brides planning their wedding in the Des Moines area. as her site clearly states, DMWS is "Des Moines' most comprehensive vendor listing." a one stop shop, if you will, for brides (and grooms) to search for anything wedding related.

as a bride herself (almost five years ago?!), she found herself searching all over the map for the perfect vendors. finally, in early 2009, while helping our good friend plan her wedding, the idea of Des Moines Wedding Savvy was born. shortly after, rachel's son Judah was born:) so DMWS was put on the back burner for while, so rachel could find her footing as a mama.

but between feedings, diaper changes and nap times, the wheels in her brain were spinning. and if you know rachel, you know that she is one determined lady. the idea of Des Moines Wedding Savvy was not swallowed up by cloth diapers or spit up. in october of 2010, DMWS came into existence. since then, rachel has clocked in many hours researching, blogging and meeting with vendors. through the power of the internet, many local business owners have heard about rachel and her site, thus making today newsworthy!

Juice, a Des Moines Register affiliate, will be featuring Des Moines Wedding Savvy in their annual wedding guide and will be out on news stands today! rachel has worked her little buns off for opportunities such as this and definitely deserves to be recognized! not only does she blog for Des Moines Wedding Savvy and The Wonder Woman Diaries, but she also keeps up with her personal family blog too. not to mention all the other normal wife and mom duties. talk about wonder woman:)

so even if you have already walked down the aisle and aren't in need of any bridal information, still check out www.desmoinesweddingsavvy.com and you can marvel at all of rachel's hard work. and maybe pass the word along to a bride that you know:)

go here to view the Juice article. scroll down to see rach's gorgeous mug:)


  1. Thanks for being such a good friend. Your support really means a lot to me. It makes me feel special that you would write this:) Love you!

  2. Congratulation to Rachel! I'll be sure to check it out.