About Hannah

O.K....so I'm realizing that it's not really that easy to write an "about me" section. How do you give people a good view of who you are in a few small paragraphs? And when you do go to write something...you somewhat feel like you are bragging about yourself!

I don't think we're meant to be summarized in a few sentences, yet I can't write my whole life story on here... which leads us full circle to why I hope you will follow along on this journey with my friends and I as we share our stories and lives with you. I am sure you will learn more about me from the day to day truths than from an "about me" section. And my even greater hope is that in some way sharing my life with you blesses yours.

So...to just give a few basics:
I love God
I love being a wife to my wonderful husband, Eric
I absolutely adore my family
I am a homeowner
I am now a "mom" to an ornery (but very sweet) black lab puppy named Hurley
One of my greatest desires is to be a real mom, but for a further time in the future :)
I have a heart for people...all people, but especially babies and old people!!
I also have a heart for Africa and hope that someday I can go there to minister to the people
I love to travel
I love taking pictures
I love food...which is why I am also learning to love nutrition and wellness!
I like to cook, and yet not at the same time (I have to be in the right mood)....any one else agree?! :)
I like to try new things
I like to read but don't make enough time for it..same goes for scrap-booking
I love the movies
Music and dance are a part of my soul! 
One of my favorite verses is Galations 5:6 "The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love".

I love these two girls immensely. They have impacted my life in huge ways. We've been with each other through the thick and thin--can't imagine life without them! I thank God for the unique gift He's given us through our friendship. 

 Eric and I on our wedding day!
 Our sweet puppy Hurley!

....so I already let myself go too far! Feel free to ask me anything and enjoy reading!!