About Maggie

hi everyone. my name is maggie and i am one third of this fabulous trio of wonder women. i am excited to venture into the blogosphere alongside my two best friends, where together, we will share our thoughts on mommyhood, house redecorating, fashion finds, dog rearing, meal making, prayer requesting and everything in between. otherwise known as LIFE.

rachel, hannah and i have been sidekicks since early high school. this is back when our problems in life revolved around having to give speeches in spanish class and what color of dress to buy for the prom. but looking past the insignificant issues, the three of us shared a common bond for Jesus which allowed us to form a friendship that was so unique and unparalleled to many of the other relationships surrounding us.

we all bring different qualities to the table, which makes for a fab group of friends:)

rachel is a red-headed, right brained, adviser. she is an amazing artist and designer and has always had the right words to say. she has a crazy love for God and a heart for her family and friends.  rachel is the friend i turn to when i need someone to tell it me straight..cuz she will:) i love her for the truth she speaks and the way i feel after our 2 hour phone conversations. rejuvenated. refreshed. she is amazingly talented in so many ways. this blog will sure be the proof of that.

hannah and i have similar souls. we both share a love for children and babies (and have always bonded over our semi-creepy obsession for cute, old people!) and have shared many life experiences together. God has given this girl a wonderful heart of compassion, as she has given up so much to love on adults and kiddos with special needs. she has held my hand through many trials in my life and i as i have written in many yearbook entries and birthday cards, i am so thankful to call her my friend.

our little fam. october 2010
me? i wear many hats. i am a 25 year old wife of a veteran, mommy, daughter, friend, sister, bill-payer, dishwasher, peacemaker, cloth diaper pursuer, fashion seeker, blog reader and so on....my husband, brandon, and i have been married since june of '07 and have been a part of the parenthood club since last september when our daughter peyton jane was born. she has been the light of our lives and we have been amazed at joy and contentment she brings to us. i never knew i could love someone. so. much. sometimes i look at her and can't believe that she's mine. God's greatness all wrapped up in one little body.

i have always been hesitant to start blogging, but after much prayer, conversation and a slight boost from my two besties, i am beyond excited to start doing some life documenting. here we go.....
p and mama. june 2010.

peyton jane, 11 months old