Behind the Diary

Eight years ago, Hannah, Rachel and Maggie were browsing in Barnes and Noble and found A Wonder Woman Diary.  A blank journal with Wonder Woman on the front that was soon to be filled with letters to one-another during their high school exploits. The pages contained secrets, prayer requests, funny stories, inside jokes and the daily drama of a high school girl.

Eight years later, we are still best friends sharing our lives together. Although life has changed and our conversations have deepened, our love for one another has remained. We often get together and reminisce of those wonderful days when we first met and all the adventures we had.

We've been so blessed with our bond that we've decided to chronicle life's day-to-day ups and downs through this blog. We all bring something different to the plate but are united through our relationship with Jesus, love for family and friends, and capturing life's joy.  We aren't superheros and actually never read comic books, but the journal had a special place in our heart years ago and this blog is meant to recapture that. 

Throughout high school we always held the Bible verse about the Cord of Three Strands close to our hearts, feeling it described our friendship.

 By yourself you're unprotected. 
   With a friend you can face the worst. 
   Can you round up a third? 
   A three-stranded rope isn't easily snapped.
Ecclesiastes 4:12 (The Message)

When trying to decide how to incorporate this passage into the blog, we remembered Wonder Woman's rope lasso and knew it was meant to be. Two of the most meaningful elements (the journal and verse) from our high school days intertwined.

Our Prayer
By experiencing this journey together, our prayer is that our words speak to and encourage you to walk more intimately with The Maker, to love others deeper, and to truly capture life's joy.