Saying goodbye...

Hey everyone!  As you may have noticed, it's been quite awhile since I've posted on the Wonder Woman Diaries.  In an effort to add more simplicity to my life, I going from three blogs down to one.  It's been something I've thought about for awhile and it just makes sense for our family.

Never fear though, Hannah and Maggie will continue blogging and you will be able to catch them on their new blog in the near future.  When all those details are ironed out, they will let you know where to find them.  You can find me at my family's blog A Serene Life... where I'd love for you to join me!  I usually blog about things I'm going through, my family, my relationship with God, fun DIY projects and interior design.  Please stop by and let me know you're there by commenting!

In the meantime, there may be some sporadic blogging on The Wonder Woman Diaries from Hannah and Maggie.  Thanks for following us this far and we hope to stay connected with you from here on out.



just a quick blog post about my latest project (or at least one of them...).

peyton's room got overhauled! my mom had some days off work and we got to work. this probably could have been done in an afternoon, but, you see, i have a child care....enough said.

and again, i forgot to take a "before" picture. which i also blame on having a child care:) my head spins daily and i just don't remember small details. but just picture the faintest color of mint green and that was on peyton's walls. just a blah color in general. we jazzed it up with some happy green paint and a stripped wall. i love it!

this is an "in "progress" photo, if you couldn't tell, since there's barely any furniture in there. i'm hoping to get some more things up on the walls,as well as a shelf for "cute, but breakable" items so littles can't reach.

thanks to my mama for all the tedious trim painting and to my dad for his perfect taping skills! they made a great team. i might need to hire them more often:)

gotta go sneak in some lunch while i can!




remember this little guy? all masculine, dark and rough around the edges.

well, he got a few procedures and has now made a transformation to a woman. she's gorgeous now! amazing what a little upgrading can do:)

this was one of my estate sale finds from when hannah and i hit up newton. a little paint here and some staple gun-ing there and she's a BEAUT!

my original plan was to use this for my desk chair, but since i failed to measure (surprise, surprise....) i got it home and found that it didn't fit. bummer. i refinished it anyway and now i'm just trying to figure out where her new  home will be.

any ideas??


wonder woman, i am not.

so we call ourselves wonder women. but lately, i have not been feeling very wonder woman-ish. if i were her, my house would be spotless, the fridge would be full and my appearance would be that of a super model. okay....i will never be 6 feet tall, but you get what i'm saying. my fridge is not only consistently empty, but it leaks, my house seems to mysteriously create it's own messes and my appearance....well, let's just say deodorant is about it these days. pew. wonder woman would just shake her head and take away my title.

i may have mentioned in past posts that i am an in-home child care provider for a few other children. up until last week, i cared for a 10 month old, an 18 month old and my own 20 month old. i just added a 2 month old baby girl to the bunch last week, which sort of explains my lack of posts. tuesday night is my usual night to write a post and last tuesday was my first day with all four kids to wrangle. by the time tuesday night rolled around, my energy level had stooped to a new low. therefore, no blog post was to be written.

but it's amazing what a week will do! i have a routine down and i'm rockin' it! God has given me the grace and patience to take care of four kids under the age of two AND still maintain my sanity. give me a baby wrap, two bottles, three high chairs and a little john mayer on itunes and i feel peace:)

i love being at home with my sweet girl and doing child care has allowed that. the kids that i care for are all so great and i am thankful for each one of them. never in a million years did i imagine myself doing this job. as a new mom, i was overwhelmed. many days it was difficult to care for just my own child. i look back on those days and want to a) laugh and b) yell at my past self, "take a shower while you still can!!!"

day by day, i am embracing new challenges and exhibiting new routines. i change at least 10 poopy diapers a day and i'm proud to still proclaim that i love my job:) come to think of it, just disregard that first paragraph up there. i may not carry a rope or wear a red and blue skimpy outfit, but there is definitely some wonder woman in me.