just a quick blog post about my latest project (or at least one of them...).

peyton's room got overhauled! my mom had some days off work and we got to work. this probably could have been done in an afternoon, but, you see, i have a child care....enough said.

and again, i forgot to take a "before" picture. which i also blame on having a child care:) my head spins daily and i just don't remember small details. but just picture the faintest color of mint green and that was on peyton's walls. just a blah color in general. we jazzed it up with some happy green paint and a stripped wall. i love it!

this is an "in "progress" photo, if you couldn't tell, since there's barely any furniture in there. i'm hoping to get some more things up on the walls,as well as a shelf for "cute, but breakable" items so littles can't reach.

thanks to my mama for all the tedious trim painting and to my dad for his perfect taping skills! they made a great team. i might need to hire them more often:)

gotta go sneak in some lunch while i can!



  1. We've had fun helping you "transform" your house. Now all the rooms are painted . . . what are we going to do to entertain ourselves? :)

  2. It looks awesome! I'm excited to see it in person. Let me know when you want me to come over and help you accessorize. :)