remember this little guy? all masculine, dark and rough around the edges.

well, he got a few procedures and has now made a transformation to a woman. she's gorgeous now! amazing what a little upgrading can do:)

this was one of my estate sale finds from when hannah and i hit up newton. a little paint here and some staple gun-ing there and she's a BEAUT!

my original plan was to use this for my desk chair, but since i failed to measure (surprise, surprise....) i got it home and found that it didn't fit. bummer. i refinished it anyway and now i'm just trying to figure out where her new  home will be.

any ideas??


  1. Narrow shoulders, ample "bottom" and curvy legs. That chair was ALWAYS a girl! :) I still think with maybe a cute tray on it, it would make a good nightstand/chair combination in someone's smaller guest room.

  2. A tray on it as a side table is a cute idea! With a jar and flowers on it... that sounds pretty! It could also be cute by the front door with a pillow on the back or something to use to put shoes on (not so much in flip flop weather, but other times of the year :)) I browsed pinterest and didn't find any amazing ideas there, but there is definitely potential for many uses! Great makeover!

  3. What about getting another one that's a similar height and curvy, painting it the same and using it as the head chairs to your dining table? Just to mix it up in there a bit. I can't tell if the colors would go... I'd have to see it in person. I love the others' ideas too though!