you guessed it...delicious deals!

so i was going to take a break from my weekly estate sale brags, but since hannah posted on our weekend adventure, i had to follow up and show the world my treasures.
i think i could go to these sales everyday....but my problem is saying "no". the voice of logic whispers, "maggie....walk away from the vintage glass and put down that hideous, but potential-laden gold picture frame." but that other voice seems to win the majority of the time. at least it has lately. BUT. just because it's 50 cents doesn't mean it worth taking up space in our garage. i have promised my sweet and understanding hubby that i will stop buying for a while:) besides, i have some projects to start on!

here is what came home with me:

this sweet, little chair. i take that back....sweet, but not little. this thing weighed a ton. made of solid wood and screaming to be recovered. it was mine for $10. i wanted to find a lone chair to put with the desk i am currently upgrading (more on that later). but i got it home only to find that it was too wide to slide in under the desk....poo. i'm gonna work with it though. my mom suggested putting it in our bedroom in the corner, as a place to sit and put on shoes, etc. i like that idea, mom, but i thought you knew me..... that poor chair would end up buried in clothes within a day. i didn't inheirit your tidiness gene:)

next up--a vintage piece of clothing! my very first:) lucile (the woman whose estate we were raiding through) had some style! or at least hannah and i thought she did. while hannah was digging through her jewelry, i was in her closet, where i found this number! i was definitely bummed that her feet were half the size of mine, because she had some fancy shoes. can you imagine?? i never, in all my 25 years, thought i would be sharing a wardrobe with a senior citizen. and a deceased one, at that! man, my tastes have changed...what has happened?!

(side note: this post has made it sound like han and i were some kind of crazy scavengers. i promise you, we kept it classy.)

 this would be my third of the table set that rachel, hannah and i split. i am going to keep it "as is" for now, until i decide what color to paint it. it might just grow on me and stay the way it is forever, you never know.

another table that needs some new (not metallic) paint. i might spruce it up a little and sell it. any takers?

my "gold" treasures of the day. lucile liked to decorate in gold, from what i gathered.

you saw hannah's keys in her post and this is mine. haven't shown it to brandon yet, and it might just remain my secret for a while:) i don't know if he would see my vision, so i will have to "wow" him with the final product someday. i love the idea of this in a picture frame collage.

this is a detailed, wooden plate. in all honesty, i have no idea what i am going to use it for. that's whats so great about it! i might put it on my dresser, to hold some jewels, or i may hang it on the wall. who knows?

this golden, decorative accent piece (what in the heck do you call that thing??) was for my mama. i'm gonna spray paint it black for her, since she's been looking for something to hang above some pictures. she came over at 6:50am to hang out with peyton for the morning, so it was the least i could do. thanks, mom!

super stoked about my new frames. i am planning a photo collage wall so i'm going to instill some help from rachel, the photo collage queen:) she knows balance so well and it comes to naturally to her. plus, it's always good to have a second opinion.

hannah had some jewelry that was similar to something that she already owned, so she gave this to me. thanks, han:) you know i'm a sucker for green! there are so many ways to wear this string of beads, but i opted for the knotted look.

my world market bowl. $1. i like to accent in orange, so this was perfect. plus, it would have been $14.99 at world market...yay for cute and cheap!

orange jar. i'm not sure the brand name on this, but it was part of the many pieces of a glasswear collection. i picked this one because of it's shape, it had a lid and i knew it would look cute in my bookcase. at the sale, there were collections of glasswear in every different color. it was like candy! i honestly don't know where it was all stored or if it was even used?! it's a good thing that kind of thing doesn't temp me (not really my taste), or else i'd be keeping a few more secrets from my hubby:)

i forgot to take pictures of two old cigar boxes (hannah suggested that they're a unique way to give a manly gift) and some small pyrex bowls (nothing exciting).  my camera died, otherwise i'd snap a few right now.

so that's it! hannah and i had "too much fun" (as the lady at the sale pointed out) and we had rachel there in spirit (and via photo texts). my new obsession is taking over my garage and i have projects on the brain...i will share when i get them done!

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  1. Observations on your scrumptious finds: Chair - that is such a pretty chair and versatile size. I know you'll have fun finding fabric for it and will definitely find a use for it. Confession: You did inherit from me the gene that cannot resist an interesting, lonely chair. :) Shirt - that peasant shirt is adorable and so "Maggie", plus I suspect Lucile never wore it. Gold table - definitely not "Maggie" but I gather you plan to sell that one. I could maybe see it painted an espresso color. The gold is just too, too much. "Charger" plate - I think that is what that is. I like it. Could use for a centerpiece, or put it on a little easel on a shelf or hang on the wall as part of your collage. Fleur de lis - ? maybe that is what you call that. Can't wait to see it with its new black color hanging on your former bedroom wall over pictures of your little girl self. I am so glad you are having fun with these things. It's a great creative outlet that meshes nicely with taking care of (positively influencing the lives of) little children. Plus Peyton gets to spend time with Grannie J. while you shop. She would not enjoy estate sales. Love you . . .