Hang in there.

So, as I've blogged before, we're moving our bedroom into a very teeny-tiny "spare" bedroom so that the square footage of the upstairs of our house (our old bedroom) can be utilized better.

It's quite the challenge to fit all of our belongings into such a small space but I am taking on the challenge with an eager heart, ready and willing to get creative and make it work (gotta throw in a little Tim Gunn once in awhile).

One of my problems was solving where I was going to store my copious amounts of chunky jewelry.  I'm from the School Of Thought that if you are going to bother to put on a necklace, it should make a statement. :)

Needless to say, I have a lot of jewelry that takes up a ton of space.  Because the room is so small, there isn't even a place for a dresser (hence, the reason Jared made a bed with built-in drawers) so I can't use my old "jewelry tree" that used to sit on my dresser.

After searching around Pinterest, I was inspired by this beauty and thought I would create my own version.  

With a space as small as ours, ya gotta use every square inch for storage, including and especially, the walls.  

I found a large, ornate frame at my favorite junk shop and sprayed it white.  I didn't want it to be a perfect coating of paint because I wanted to keep the ragged look of it.  

I then dug some sticks out of storage in my basement and trimmed them to fit the look of the frame.  They were already spray painted white but I did a few touch-ups.  

I went to World Market and picked up some cute knobs to set my sticks on.  

After measuring where I wanted the necklaces to sit in the frame, Jared drilled some holes and attached the knobs

He also attached a wire to the back so it could be easily hung on the wall.  

We set the sticks on the knobs, adorned it with jewelry and voilĂ , it was finished!  All you have to do it undo the clasps on the necklaces or lift the sticks up and pull the necklace over the others to take off the jewelry you want to wear.

The white frame doesn't take away from the jewelry but it's still interesting because of it's detail.  I also purposely let the sticks flow over the edge, unlike the inspiration piece,  because I thought it flowed better and added more interest and functionality.  

This is one of the easier DIY projects we've tackled and, in my opinion, with some of the best results.  I love how it makes my jewelry look like a work of art and how the colors pop off the wall. But I really love that it's helps me maximize the space of our bedroom in a beautiful way!

P.S. Does anyone else have loads of necklaces like I do?  How do you organize or display them?


  1. i said it before, but i'll say it again:) i LOVE this!! i had pinned your inspiration on pinterest, but i love your version more.
    and your before and after pictures are always great....something i need to work on:)

    when are you going to do a post on your new and improved master bedroom?

  2. Holy cow I love this! I don't have many necklaces (not really a jewelry girl) but in the event that changes, I am keeping this in mind!!! Awesomeness!!!!

    Ps - my capcha was "Mandium"!!! hilarious!


  3. Once again...so creative!

  4. VERY cute, Rachel! You ARE the necklace queen!

  5. You know I love this, Rach!! It's so fun all the creative ways to display and organize jewelry these days...and it's even more fun seeing it come to life! You did an awesome job...I love the knobs...I've been wanting to get some from World Market when I redo my desk! And you got the frame from the junk shop?! When are we going?!? :)