watch me grow......!

Here are some pic updates from this post:

 These were the Canna Bulbs popping up...I was so excited!!

 And look at them now!

 The flowers in the pots at the front of the house are doing well (I love the colors)....

 This is our neighbor's flower, but it's right by our driveway, and I had to take a pic!

 Our cherry tomato plants!

The cilantro is growing like crazy (yes!), the jalapeno blossoms are blooming, and the plant in the middle is doing great. Love it. I hoped I had a green thumb! It's so much fun. 

 Onto another subject that's growing (something...er...should I say someone that's even more exciting!)

Look at this big boy in his stander!! So proud of him. And the fact that his gnawing on his hand (without gagging!!) is such a huge and wonderful thing for us to see.

Just watch how cute he is:

By the way...the "chum lip" my sister is referring to...let me explain :) I can't even remember now how we got started, but my family has gotten into the habbit of calling my nephews "chums". Big chum (Ollie), and little chum (Sully). And Sully does this infamous, somewhat pouty lip that we so lovingly call the "chum lip". 

We love this boy. Doesn't he have the best smile?!


  1. Hannah- I had Annalee on my lap when I watched that video of Sully and she kept saying 'watch it again' and 'I like that boy!' so I think we watched it 3 or 4 times in a row!:) Just too cute not to share-he is getting so big and is such a shoosh!

  2. uhg, i love that boy too:) what a sweet, little chum! (and i love that shawne said "shoosh"! we have influenced her well:))

  3. Love that little boy and love your green thumb!

  4. Hey Han. Joe is trying to help me. The one comment above I finally did just using my name as the way to post my comment. Now Joe is trying to help me again post through my google account. This is just a test. :)

  5. Thanks for sharing that adorable video. Sully is just the cutest thing! Maggie said Peyton watched it over and over, too! Your flowers and veggies all look great!

  6. Oh how I love you little Chum! Thanks for posting Hannah....have watched it several times! Want to see the green in person!