seriously sweet deals - part 2

in continuation of last week, here are a few more delicious deals i have found from estate sales:

disclaimer: many of these items are currently living my ridiculously cluttered and messy garage. please do not judge:) 

a cast iron skillet and fitted lid for $22.50. this may look pricey compared to some of the other items, but my determined hubby wasn't going to let it slip away. this was at the auction and there was one other person who was bidding against us, which explains the higher than usual price tag. brandon has been pining for a cast iron skillet for years and this was his chance...he can't wait to use it over the camp fire:)

a cute, green vase for $1. fun color, can't-beat-it price....i'll take it!

small table with "flair" for $10. this table will most likely get a makeover and will probably go to live with someone else. i've been having a hard time wanting to part with all of my furniture finds, but in order to be able to use my garage again, i have come to terms with selling a few pieces here and there. i think it's the perfect little side table to display a vase, picture frame or hold a lamp!

vintage ice cream maker for $8. this old thing came with the original recipe book from the 50's! although it's not near as cool as the crank-it-yourself ice cream maker, it comes pretty darn close. i grew up on homemade ice cream and nothing can beat it....i see lots of homemade ice cream in our future:)  (plus....i can't get enough of that vintage turquoise...love!)

this already primed table (sorry for no before picture) is ready to be painted. mustard yellow is what i had in mind. it supposed to be a coffee table, but the scale wasn't right for our living room, so to the basement it goes! it's the perfect height for little people to sit at and color or eat. we got this for a whopping $4! and a matching end table was thrown into the deal ta boot! now i'm on the hunt for some little chairs....

this last item was the entire reason why we attended the estate auction in the first place. i walked into one of the bedrooms and was staring at a gorgeous four poster bed. i knew i had to have this because, not only was it pretty, it was the exact replica of the bed that i had grown up sleeping in. the twin to my childhood bed! this is extra special because my bed was passed down from generation, as it had originated from my great-grandmother's house. it was my grandmother's childhood bed and was then given to my parents. my mom and i figured that it's at least 80-90 years old, if not older. i spoke with the woman at the auction, who told me about a similar time frame of her bed. i knew that i had to get it for peyton. i love knowing that she will grow up sleeping in the same kind of bed that i did as a child. i will eventually paint it white, just like mine was when i was growing up. we paid $27.50 for this. honestly, i was ready to pay hundreds, just for the sentimental value.

i've still got more to share....look out part 3!:)


  1. Fun, fun, fun! I think we made a little room in the garage today so you're ready for the weekend treasure hunt. :)

  2. Yay! You got it up! Weird blogger. I like the coffee table-- since it's going on the basement with the kiddos-- what would you think of putting chalkboard paint on top? Just an idea :) I'm sure there's a ton of other kid ideas but that came to mind first. Not that you were asking ;)

  3. Love the bed!! And everything else too. come hunt for treasures with me :)

  4. You are sooo creative, Miss Maggie! I'm truly enjoying your "visions". Keep up the "fun" work!

    Ccccarrot ;-)