Play Date

This weekend was filled with fun! Friday night Eric and I went camping with a bunch of friends...it was filled with weenie roasting, smore making, and raccoon chasing :) Saturday we ended up going to On the Border for dinner (YUM--one of my favs!) with most of the same group, and then later to Coldstone (Birthday Cake remix baby!) and game playing and movie watching. Sunday it was time for nursery duty at church (maybe not so much fun lol) and then off to watch the Principle Charity Classic! I have to admit, I feel kinda cool whipping out my PGA Member's Wife card to get in ;)

Phew! It was a TON of fun, but now it's time to face the music and get back to work. I am really bad at not resting at all during my weekends because I fill them with so many fun plans and activities...but I'm sorry, I just can't resist.

Well, the play date did not happen this weekend, but it was a different weekend that I've been meaning to post about for a while now. It was the weekend Sully had his last surgery and Eric and I were watching Ollie. We got to meet up with Maggie and Peyton for a little fun at Raccoon River (which Ollie called Beaver Lake and actually corrected me when I said it was Raccoon River...."No, Hannah. That's not a river, that's a lake". Understand your point little dude).

Here are some pics from that day...I must take this time to brag about Peyton and how sweet of a girl she is (her momma has done a good job raising her thus far!). She is just so sweet and gentle. She really liked Ollie and kept touching him softly and smiling and giving him hugs. He liked her too and they would just look at each other and laugh. She has such a good-natured spirit. I love her.

 Aunt Hannah and Ollie having fun playing.
 Admiring each other :)
 One of the many we took trying to get a good one of both of them smiling lol.
 Love how Peyton is looking at Ollie in this one.
 This is the BEST one!! Love it!! Hmmm...maybe a romantic future in store for these two?! :)

 Love this pic of these two. Beautiful momma and her princess.

 Ok this spinny-thing was really funny....
 Maggie and I hadn't laughed that hard in a long time watching them spin, holding onto each other so hard that they both had totally smushed faces against the pole in the middle.

On the way home Ollie said, "Hannah...are you thinking what I'm thinking?!"

"I don't know, Ollie, what are you thinking?"

"Let's go to Maggie's house. Let's go to the girlfriends house that has the baby that laughs and laughs".

:) Love little ones and the things they say.

I am sure there are many more play dates to come in the future...but with my actual baby someday :)

Hope you guys had a good weekend too and that you take time in every weekend to play. And play hard. Laugh and laugh :)


  1. love this post:) it does my heart good to know that my baby is loved so much!
    that night was so funny...lots of cuteness by those two kiddos. i still laugh thinking about them on the spinny-thing! it was definitely a 'had-to-be-there' moment:) we need to plan another play date sometime...peyton had a blast with ollie!

  2. Two of the cutest little people I know. LuAnn and I are blessed with great daughters and adorable grandchildren! Thanks for such a cute post.