a few things i am working on....

i am notorious for not finishing projects. or buying craft supplies for a project and then not even starting it. i think my husband is this way too, except it concerns house projects and not craft projects. put us together and things get put off. we ripped up the carpet in our dining/sitting room a few months back and have yet to fill all the holes around the outside. it took us months to smooth out our front yard after getting a new sewer line put in. our garage currently houses five projects that have yet to be finished (or even started) which means that both our cars are sitting in the driveway.

siiiigh...i have tried to change this trait about myself for quite sometime. but no luck. i have come to accept the fact that i am definitely a Project Starter and very rarely a Project Finish-er. and i am okay with that:)

here are a few projects i am working on right now:

1. creating my own jewelry frame, a la this. mine will look a little different, but will have the same vibe. i have all the pieces and parts, just gotta get it done!

2. a sunburst mirror for my living room. inspiration found here. status: the wooden dowels have been glued and glued and glued, but the whole shebang needs spray painted. pictures to come! (hopefully)

3. refinishing an old dresser that brandon and i snagged at an estate sale....for 15 bucks! we have been needing a new dresser since, well....forever, and this one was perfect! i need to slap a few coats of paint on it and add some new hardware and it will be fab. my plan is to get some paint today (!) and start working on it.

4. refinishing an old side table found at the same estate sale. the table was $10 and it was screaming for some love and a makeover. it has now been sanded and is ready for a pop of color.

these are just a few. BUT, three out of four of these will be done by the weekend. why the rush? it's Operation Make Over My Bedroom Weekend. my mom is coming over and we are going to hack out as much as we can. walls are getting painted, curtain rods will be hung (dad, wanna help?) and refinished furniture will be brought in. brandon will be at a golf tournament and will come home to an entirely different room to sleep in. lucky guy, eh? i'm calling it his Father's Day present this year:)

let's hope that by next week, i will have many pictures to show you all. and if i don't, maybe in a few months:)

happy wednesday!

ps.....can you believe it's june already?! the older i get, the faster the time flies. and to think that i was just complaining that it was january.....

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  1. A little of that accomplished today already! Hope you took a "before" picture because now it's too late. Start taking pictures of the bedroom now so we can see the change. Painting is my favorite redecorating method.