my husband's dream day

he spent the day golfing, while his bedroom made a total transformation. and not a finger was lifted. or should i say....none of brandon's finger's were lifted:) my mom and i busted our booties all. day. long.

i was quite the busy bee this past week. the bedroom makeover is now 85% complete! my last post explained which projects needed to get finished/started, so today i will give you an update. but first, i have to give a little shout out to my mama. she pretty much rocks when it comes to helping me around my house. i couldn't have done everything without her!! she has a lot of experience in the DIY field, especially when it comes to painting and furniture refinishing....she's pretty much my go-to lady. you're the best, mom:)

anyway. on to the updates:
we have two "new" pieces of furniture, new curtains for the window and a new wall color.
brandon and i found our "new" dresser and night stand at an estate sale about a month ago. we happened to see a sign for it early in the morning and on a whim, decided to check it out. i bought so many cool things (which is a topic for an entirely new post), two of which are now living in our bedroom. the dresser is actually in great condition, but needed a few tweaks. here is a "before" picture, after i took off the hardware (which needed to be replaced 25 years ago).

and after:

and to think we we scored it for a mere $15?!...it was a deal that couldn't be passed up! up close, the finish was an orange glaze (yikes!), so i sanded that off and bought some oil based paint in a creamy white color. my mom educated me on how great oil base paint is for furniture, since it holds up better to knicks and scratches than latex paint. the dresser got two coats of white and waited to be transported from the garage into the bedroom. i found some knobs for the top drawers, but i'm still waiting to get some pulls (long story), which is why the bottom drawers have to be cracked open.

the other old piece of furniture we snagged, was this great little side table. i had no idea what i was going to do with it, but it was only $10 and too cute to walk away from. i sanded it and painted it one of my favorite shades of blue. i forgot to take a "before" picture, but it was originally a chestnut brown stain. i think i took 20 years off it's life with the new color:)

saturday was D-day. brandon went off to his golf tournament and mom and i went to work. peyton even cooperated and took a two and half hour nap, so we got the painting done in no time! i chose to paint the walls a grey/taupe color. the Sherwin Williams paint chip is called "amazing gray" (but we had Diamond Vogel color match it....support local businesses!). it sure beats the pale, pale lavender that screamed at me when i woke up every morning. i love how it turned out! it has great flow with the rest of the house. here is a set of before and after pictures:



those curtains are really what tie everything together. originally, i was planning on buying some fabric and making my own curtains, but we calculated that it would have cost $150 to make my own. not to mention all the time and effort needed to finish them. on that note....world market never disappoints. i used a coupon for one panel and then went back for the second panel with my mom's coupon:) i spent a third of what i would have if i tried to make my own. phew, glad i decided to skip that obstacle. the colors are perfect for the room and really bring some life to it. AND, brandon likes them.....double bonus. i was worried, because he doesn't understand my love for patterns and prints, but he's slowly learning and adapting:)

my dad helped out by hanging up the curtain rod and sitting at my house while peyton slept, so mom and i could run around the city of west des moines. thanks, pops!

SO. the only things i have left to finish is:
-pulls for the dresser
-finish the jewelry frame
-get some art on the those bare walls!

 what do YOU think? i wanna hear some feedback:)

p.s....see this terrible dresser that we've had to live with for the past four years? yeah...we kicked it to the curb. literally. brandon set it outside on the street for big trash day and just as he was heading back up the driveway, someone stopped and asked, "you're not throwing that away, are you??". haha....oh, yes we are.
they had it loaded up in their truck before i could say, "good riddance":)


  1. Isn't it fun making something out of nothing, and getting super bargains with coupons, too? I think the room turned out great, in record time, and it was fun watching it evolve. Even the photos don't truly show how nice it looks. Next project? :)

  2. Sweet job on the bedroom! I am LOVING those curtains. No seriously, loving them. Like I just sent an email and link to two friends GUSHING over them. They are exactly what I had in mind for what I wanted for my bedroom, and I was thinking that I was going to have to find fabric and spend a fortune. I need four panels. My bedroom is next on the list of rooms in my house to get redecorated. And my plan was to paint my bedroom walls grey, too. We might have matching bedrooms. lol.

  3. Follow-up to previous comment...after looking at the curtains on World Market's website all. day. long. (not joking) and talking with my SIL when she was here tonight, I think I'm actually going to use the curtains in my living room. Seriously, love them. Thanks for posting about them, Maggie! :)

  4. Yes, this is me coming back to leave a THIRD comment on this post. :) Two panels purchased tonight and hung in my living room. I seriously can't describe how happy it makes me that the colors are an exact (exact!) match to our living room rug and dining room curtains. So excited!

    And now I will refrain from leaving any more comments on this post! :)

  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your updates!! My mom is great at refinishing furnature too and it is fun, I miss it a bit actually. I need you and your mom to come to my place and help me re-do my home now!! You guys are talented and it looks great! I can't wait to see it all in person :)

  6. I must say, you are both amazing and very tallented decorator/ painters!You and your Mom did an amazing job and I got to see it first hand. I loved how it changed the whole room!