A Sunny Sunday Afternoon

Yesterday was so beautiful and it was the first time in a long while that Eric and I did not have any plans! So...we decided to do something we've been wanting to do for a while, and since you've already seen both Maggie's and Rachel's lovely flowers, I thought I would show you the work Eric and I are proud of!

It's no secret that I adore flowers and love the idea of somehow making a living by working with them. I really have no skills, but it's a passion that I would love to pursue and so what better place to start than in my own back yard?!

Off to HyVee we went to pick out all of our goodies!! Here is what came of our hard work yesterday afternoon (p.s. I LOVE that I have a husband that will do yard work with me!)

We loved these colors and the fact that they looked kinda tropical!

 It's kinda hard to see in this pic, but this pot color is one of my favorites! I was so excited when I saw this color at HyVee. By the way, HyVee has decently priced pots (which is very hard to come by!)

 Home sweet home :)

A closer view of the two pots (still hard to see the pretty blue). They didn't have two in the same style, but we thought it would still turn out ok, which it did--we were pleased!
 Anyone guess what we are growing here?!

If you guessed JALAPENOS, then you are RIGHT!

 Cilantro...mmmm....we loooove cilantro. It just makes everything better.
Anyone notice the cute buddy in the background? :)

 Cherry tomatoes.

 One of the other flowers we planted in a small pot on our outdoor table. I loved the looks of these guys, and I guess they are pretty hearty.

One of my co-workers gave me some Cana Bulbs to plant...we'll see how it goes. I hope they actually grow...I would be so happy! I'll let you know how that goes :)

So, this is really our first try with any of this stuff. I would be thrilled if everything survives!

What have you planted this year?

P.S. Any words of wisdom from our seasoned growers out there?!


  1. everything looks great, han! i love the tin tub that you used to plant flowers....such a cute look!
    my mom and i just went out last night and bought a bunch of flowers to plant. they add a nice pop of color to any yard!

  2. I notice you and Maggie chose some of the same flowers. Go figure. :) Cannas are beautiful and they grow big if I remember correctly. My mom used to plant them, and I'm pretty sure you have to dig up the bulbs in the fall and re-plant them every spring. Your house and yard are super-cute! Tell Eric he can come and dig holes in my yard if he runs out of places to dig in yours!

  3. It looks great Hannah! The flowers in the tub are some of my favorites. I planted a lot of them last year and they grow and grow. I wish I had a cute tub. I will have to check out HYVEE for pots. I usually just spray paint the terra cotta kind but that's not always easy ;)

    Your house is soo cute!

  4. Thanks for the comments, ladies!!

    Janice--it's not surprising that Maggie and I chose similar flowers :) Yes, the Canna bulbs do have to be replanted every year...if any of you guys are interested in some I can split some for ya next year :)

    Rach--what are the names of the flowers in the tub, do you remember? Haha, I can't remember...we meant to save all the little things that tell us but of course we lost some.

    Mags and Rach--I promise if I run across more tubs I will get you each one :)