Not Just for Grandma Anymore

My friend Kelsey that I talked about in this post  had an awesome duffel bag that she brought on the trip. I was eye-balling it the entire time and thinking how cute it was compared to my dingy Adidas bag. I asked her where she got it and she said it was a Vera Bradley bag (!).

I kinda forgot about it until I read on My Frugal Adventures that there was a sale! OMgosh! I am falling in LOVE with it all! The duffel bag, the make-up bag, the hanging organizer, the Maggie (yes, there is one called the Maggie!!). Who would've ever known I would fall in love with this stuff?! But the Vera got hip and is using some amazing fabrics that I just can't get enough of...here are some of my favs:
This is the Maggie! How cute...just like our Maggie! :)

There are SO many cute fabrics in so many different forms to choose from! This stuff will definitely go on some of my gift wish lists.

I used to think Vera Bradley bags were just for grandmas (not exactly sure why...maybe the type of fabric used and the older patterns?)...but not anymore! :)

P.S. Was I the only one that didn't realize her stuff was so cute? My mom said she saw some of it at the Hallmark store...I might have to check it out...or keep eye-balling the sales online :)


  1. It IS really cute stuff but comes with a NOT cute price. :) I need to check out this sale you are talking about!! I drool when I go into the Hallmark store at Jordan Creek Mall and look at all the stuff they have. They even have flip flops (you know..thongs...lol) and beach towels in addition to a HUGE selection of purses, bags, billfolds, etc. I would suggest maybe NOT going in there. You won't want to leave without something. I seriously had to make myself leave the last time I was there.

  2. Thanks for the warning, Luann; I'll stay away from there. :) Cute post, though, Hannah. It's nice to see what's new out there for those of us who really don't shop much.