the inside SCOOP

Well, it's not a scoop really...the same family, but more like a swirl....not getting it? Let me back up.

Eric and I took a short trip to MN this weekend with our good friends John and Kelsey. We had lots of fun relaxing, shopping, eating, going to the aquarium, playing card games, watching a movie/Storage Wars on tv, and playing mini golf. Speaking of mini golf...funny story!

Exactly a year ago Eric and I were at the MOA with his family. I am definitely no pro when it comes to any type of golf, including the mini variety, and especially when compared to Eric and his family! However, if you've ever been to the mini golf course at the Mall of America, then you know that if you get a hole in one at the 18th hole they give you a ticket for a free game. Well, last year exactly, I scored a hole in one. I somehow managed to save (and find) that little ticket and was able to use it on Saturday for a free game--it expired that exact day--what are the odds that I would be back a year later?! Crazy, huh? Not finished yet. Somehow I managed to pull it off AGAIN!! (??) So, it looks like we'll be taking another trip to the MOA a year from now :)

BUT, that is not the main thing I wanted to tell you. While we were there we stopped and treated ourselves to some yummy self-serve frozen yogurt from Freeziac (a newer joint at the mall). Take a look at this:

Mouth watering?

It was so delicious and so fun to create your own dish. They had multiple different types of yogurt to choose from (I tasted cheesecake, cake batter, chocolate, and mocha cappuccino-YUM!), and then a multitude of fruit, candy and other yummys to choose from for toppings. Pay by the ounce. 

Okay, ready for the most exciting thing about this post (the inside scoop)?!? We are getting one of these in DM!! Well, not a Freeziac, but something very similar! My sweet friend, Kelsey, is our key to knowing this amazing information (thanks, Kelsey!). She knows the woman that is opening up Yo2Go. It's going to be in the strip mall on the corner of Douglas and 100th and is hopefully going to open in just over a month. It will be the very same type of thing...self-serve frozen yogurt with a variety of flavors and toppings to choose from. I can hardly wait!! Can you?!


  1. Not only am I excited but I'm busting at the seems!!! When we went down to TX for vacation in the fall and tried a place like this is was AMAZING. I couldn't stop craving it. I loved that you could get as little or as much as you want and that's it healthy and sooooo awesome. Seriously, best. idea. ever.

    I need to open one inside my house!

    I'm also super excited because this place is going to be RIGHT by our church (is it going to be by the Chinese place you like?) so I guess we'll know what we'll be having for lunch on Sunday's ;)


  2. That does sound good! I think that would be a fun place for three young ladies and their moms to try sometime. :)