I don't have anything big lingering on my mind today to write about so I thought I'd just post a list of random thoughts I've been pondering lately...

#1 I'm so excited for this spring/summer.  Judah's at the point where I can take him places easily and our time together gets sweeter and sweeter.

#2 I'm debating what my next phase of ministry looks like-- there's a part of me that's leaning toward helping out with my MOPS group or even starting a new Parents Night Out ministry at our church.

#3 I often struggle with knowing what a good balance is for "down time" and "get 'er done time".  How much TV  is too much?  How many planned activities should I have in our week?  I'm always working on this and trying to figure out the correct balance for our family.

#4 My business blog has been going well lately and a lot of vendors are asking me about advertising but I feel insecure about asking for money for fear that those companies won't get any business from the advertisements.

#5 My sister is growing up and it's fun to think about the kind of relationship we will have someday.  Will she drive over to my house after school and share with me about her day?  I can see a true potential for a deep relationship with her and I look forward to it.

#6 Sometimes I feel worried I come off too strongly. I feel like I overcompensate because I'm worried of stepping on people's toes and then I don't exercise the part of me God created to be a "truth teller".

#7 I used to think I would travel the world and that travel would always be a part of my life.  That was before I realized how much it costs to have a house, a family, pay off student loans etc.  I wonder if I will ever travel or if it will wait until retirement.

#8 I love our small group.  Six months ago I didn't think this opportunity was there but we prayed and God was faithful to bring more young couples to our church.

#9  I'd love to have another baby soon; there are days I feel totally ready and days I feel really nervous that I can handle two kids at once.

#10 I've been told my spiritual gift is discernment but I don't really know what that means or looks like. I'd like to know more about this part of myself.

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  1. Discernment simplified: Knowing the difference between right and wrong and choosing right. From my observations of you through the years, I'd say you are doing a pretty good job of choosing right.