...sUmMeR bReEzE mAkEs Me FeEl FiNe....

Wow. What gorgeous weather we had this weekend in Des Moines!! It seriously gave me hope that summer truly is just around the corner (sometimes that's hard to believe!). I love seeing everyone outside and how summer reminds us to enjoy the small things in life. Life's simple pleasures...like ice cream and bonfires. Fireflies and Ladybugs (wait....not those Japanese Beatles though...are they the same thing?!). Picnics and BBQs. Ahh...summer....

So, because we all got this fabulous treat this weekend, it got me thinking about ALL the things I can't wait for for this summer. I tend to have a lot of plans initially every summer and then it goes by so quickly that I only do about 1/4 of my plans (how come when we were kids summers seemed to last f.o.r.e.v.e.r and at times you didn't know what to do with yourself, and now that we're older it just sneaks by?!) No fair. I don't want to miss out on anything I am looking forward to this summer...so here it goes to making a list just for fun and a little accountability!

camping...bonfires...smores...ice cream..swimming...lemonade...grilling...playing outside/taking walks with hurley...driving with the wind blowing through my hair and blasting "summer-ish" music...farmer's markets...drive-in movie theater...eating outside...fresh fruit and veggies...flowers...blue skies and green soft grass...bocce ball...sunglasses...flipflops and tanktops...iowa state fair...the sound of lawn mowers and the smell of fresh cut grass...family vacation...tans and freckles...concerts...bike riding...thunderstorms at night...open windows and fresh air...tropical sno (eric and i were going to attempt to try every flavor one summer...ha!)...mini golf...sunsets...great photo ops...being barefoot...amusement parks...fireworks...the list is endless guys!!

Now...some fun summer images...

Did I get you excited at all for summer?! I am sure the weather this weekend was enough for anyone to get excited!!

What are YOU excited for this summer? Please share! Especially if you know of any fun summer events in DM!

P.S. Have you heard Jason Mraz's version of "Summer Breeze"? It's fabulous.


  1. I can't wait for summer!!! My favorite part of being a school nurse! :) LOVED the pictures. Really made me drool for summer. One of my FAVORITE traditions of summer? The Pops 4th of July concert on the capital lawn with all my family. Love it love it love it. Another favorite? Family vacation at the Lake of the Ozarks. Beyond that I pretty much love everything you listed also except for taking my dog for walks since I don't have a dog! LOL Love you!

  2. Ohh a drive-in movie would be fun! There's a place about an hour away I've been wanting to go to. Maybe we could pile in the car and do that :)

    I am excited for summer and spring. Our trip to Chicago will be fun. Jared and I are going on our first trip away from Jude. Women of Faith will be awesome too!

    I want to soak it all in and know that by September I made the best of the summer I was gifted! You have inspired me to make sure that happens :)

  3. yea!!!! Summer!!!! Your list is great Hannah! I'm SSSSooooooo excited. Seriously there is not a time in the year I'm happier than summer. I think I shall make a list also ;) There of course will be at least one thing on my list that is not on yours... having a baby!