Many waters cannot quench love...

Jared and I are on vacation this week.  It's our first time away from Judah overnight-- & we'll be gone for 4 of them!  We have been looking forward to it for a few months, knowing we would have plenty of time just for us and whatever we wanted to do.  Which definitely wouldn't include getting up at 7am.  

Our small group just wrapped up a study on marriage (Love and War by the Eldredge's) and Jared & I have enjoyed the sometimes-weighty task of working on & strengthening our relationship.  Things have gone alright since having Judah but there's always room for more romance and that's been on our minds lately-- and this trip was the perfect end to the series.

My friend Jessica (the one that always has the best date-nights with her hubby), recommended a game to me awhile ago: Simply Romantic Nights.  In the game, you and your spouse each get 12 date ideas to plan for the other person (among a few other things included).  We ordered it last week and were really surprised by the fun and creative date ideas included in the box.  I'm seriously bummed I couldn't think of them myself... we must be pretty boring :)

I couldn't think of one couple that wouldn't benefit from a game like this.  It really helps you to love and build into your spouse the way they were created to receive love and affection.  Jess told me it's a great gift for people who have just had babies but I could see it being wonderful for anyone-- young or old.

The company who made the game, Family Life, has all sorts of wonderful marriage resources.  I had a lot of fun looking over their website and mentally bookmarking things that would be fun to purchase.  They even have a Vol. 2 of the Simply Romantic Nights game in case we run out of ideas :)

So, all this comes at a time when we have decided to take a little time-out from life and enjoy quiet moments with the two of us.  It's been great and feels like a honeymoon all over again.  This week, we're both planning one of the lower-maintenance dates for each other and I'm really looking forward to the time we'll share together.

Anyway, I gotta get back to my hubby but thought I would try my best to get a post up for today :)

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  1. This sounds neat, Rach! I am interested to hear more about it. Hope you guys are having/had an awesome vacation (can't remember when you were getting back, lol). Excited to hear about that too!