Tour De Homes

Back in high school, the three of us and our moms went on a cruise together before graduation.  It was one of the best weeks of our lives and even though we were teens, we so enjoyed the company of our mothers.  The 6 of us laughed hard, ate amazing food, made many memories and even befriended our cute waiter.  We still talk about the funny things that happened on the cruise and hope to one day be able to go again :)

It's no secret Maggie and Brandon just purchased a house, making it so that all three of us now have homes of our own.  Every time I see Janice (Maggie's mom), Luann (Hannah's mom) or Heidi (Hannah's sister) they talk about how they can't wait to visit our houses.  So yesterday we made that happen.

We got the "cruise girls" together, with one happy addition, the sister we love and adore, Heidi, and set off on a progressive lunch.  Us girls cleaned our houses and had our moms and sister over for food and a home tour.  I felt like a Realtor; it was so much fun!

The first stop was my place where we had appetizers and I walked around telling everyone about our house and all the changes we've made since we moved here.  Afterward, we made our way to Hannah's to see her adorable casa and have lunch.  Then, we hopped in the car and met up at Maggie's new place for a tour on the whirlwind of home-projects they've accomplished in just a few short months.

It was a full and blessed Saturday morning.  We laughed hard again (girls, remember the idea my mom had for the title of her would-be blog?) and shared a great meal together.  I am blessed to have these women in my life and to be able to share my home with them.

Now let's not wait another 7 years until we get the group together again!!


  1. It was a lot of fun! You girls just keep making changes to your houses so we can keep doing the tours! What a blessing you are to us and to each other!

  2. Amen Janice! A blessing indeed they are! What a wonderful day we had. I feel like I have four daughters instead of just two and spending time with all of you made for a very special day! LOVE LOVED LOVED it! You all have such cute houses and I loved seeing your own special touches in each of them.

    Might I add that I love your moms too! Oh the fun cruise memories!! Anyone remember Tracy's dream about eating the chicken with feathers on it? I started just laughing out loud to myself the other day remembering that. I'm not sure I have ever laughed so continuously as I did that week.

    You girls are precious and I count it a privelege to be in your lives and to see what very special young women, wifes and mothers you have become. I love you so very very very much! Thanks for the special day!

  3. It was SO fun! Thank you so much for letting me be a part of it! I LOVED seeing what you guys have done to your houses.....they were all so cute! It is so fun to see each of your personalities come out in your decorating! I agree with Janice...keep decorating and we will keep touring! Such a fun day! I am honored that you let me come in on your group! Great homes, great food, great company! Love you girls!

    P.S.-Tracy....you need to let us know when you start your blog:)

  4. Yeah. Dr. Tracy's good advice on regularity. I can't wait. :)