Prayers for Sully

Remember this post about the trials of 2010? Well, we're still in need for prayers for Sullyboy (this is what Ollie--his 4 yr old brother--started calling him and so now it's stuck with the whole family). :)

For those of you who haven't read the other post yet, Sully is my sweet nephew and has had a whirlwind of health complications from the beginning.

On Thursday Sully had surgery #5. Here is the list of his surgeries (keep in mind he just turned 1 in February):
#1 Cleft Lip
#2 G-tube
#3 Nissen Wrap
#4 Cleft Palate
#5 Hiatal Hernia

When the doctors went in to fix the hernia they said that 1/3 of his stomach was up in his chest cavity. When the surgeon removed it the anesthesiologist said, "what did you do?!" (scaring the surgeon!), but the reason he asked is because when it was pulled back down Sully's stats improved greatly. Also, three out of the four stitches of his Nissen Wrap (the surgery completed to prevent him from throwing up) had come undone and one was hanging on by a thread. So, they redid the Nissen Wrap while they were in there for the hernia. The surgery went well and Sully is back to his cute smiley self.

However, we had hoped and prayed that fixing the hernia would prevent him from gagging. The reason Sully got the Nissen Wrap surgery in the first place was because he was throwing up all the time due to bad acid reflux and a high gag reflux. Basically what they do is wrap part of the stomach around the esophagus to prevent the individual from throwing up. There are a lot of kids and even adults that have the surgery and do fine. However, with his bad gagging, Sully basically blew through the surgery and it's probably also what caused the hernia as well. 

As a family we are at our wits end in knowing what to do. Sully is still gagging and so fear of something happening again is very present. He can't just keep having surgery after surgery. We are in need of some major prayers being lifted up for Sullyboy. Pray for healing, peace and comfort for family especially for his mommy, daddy, and big brother, knowledge for the doctors, etc. Please pray for this sweet little boy...

...how could you not?

He has brought such joy to our lives and reminded us of God's greatness. We might not understand why things are the way they are but we have faith that God has used and will continue to use him for His glory.

Love you so much, Sullyboy.

P.S. Any encouraging comments appreciated!!


  1. I'm sad for Sully. I will be praying for complete healing for him. He has brought a lot of joy to a lot of people. Praying for Heidi and Kevin too. As hard as this trial must be for them, I can't think of any other two people that would handle it with such grace or be so strong. God must think a lot of them to entrust precious Sully in their care (and the whole Holeman family)!

  2. oh sweet sullyboy:) you have changed the lives of everyone around you. i think about you a lot and pray for you often. i pray this surgery will be a success and God will heal your little body and free it from all the gagging.

    thanks for posting this, han. that picture is adorable (those smiles!!) and i love the song you paired with it. the words are a beautiful reminder of our willingness to follow God's plan, even when it's not easy. you're a precious aunt to those sweet boys:)

  3. oh Hannah, thank you for this post. Your words remind me that His plan is infinitely greater than ours. And what comfort we can find in Him. My heart aches for precious little sully and his family. I lift him up in prayer through my tears, knowing the Lord hears our cries for healing. Please cont. to keep us all posted and again thank you for the reminder that prayer is so powerful!

  4. Tears in my eyes sweet sister. I love you more then words can say....couldn't have made it through the last year without you. Thank you for asking others to pray to our Great God on behalf of my sweet little boy. Love you....

    Thank you to all for your prayers.........

  5. So sorry to hear that things did not go exactly as planned for Sully. God's plan is a better one; we just have to stay faithful and watch it unfold. I have Sully and all of your family constantly in my prayers.