Miscellaneous Monday!

First off, happy 4th! Hope you're enjoying the sun, good food, family, friends, and fireworks today!

Well, I thought I would do a few randoms for today, so excuse me if this post seems a little all over the place!!

Eric and I enjoyed the Downtown Farmer's Market on Saturday. It was such a great way to start off the day...we don't get to go down there a ton together due to Eric being so busy at Des Moines Golf during the summer, so we snag every chance we can get! Here's some snapshots of our time together:

 Nachos we've been wanting to try from the Dos Rios stand! We finally did and they were pretty good...the cilantro tops it off....I just love cilantro folks! It makes everything better!

There seemed to be quite a few new stands this year at the market. Mike's Old Fashioned Ice Cream was one of them. This reminded me of when my grandparents used to make homemade ice cream. Yum. 

 The Laughing Tree Tea was also new and I stopped to get a glass. Nothing more refreshing than a glass of iced tea!
One of my favorite stands at the market...the make your own flower bouquet stands! Specifically Howell's.

Eric surprised me by starting to make a bouquet for me! It was so adorable--he knows how much I love flowers. We finished it off together and the lady complimented our work! It was a steal...very decently priced for such a beautiful bouquet!

 We enjoyed some other food as well...we always have to get some crab-rangoons! Speaking of that...on our way out, we saw another new stand that said "There's more to rangoons than crab!" And it looked like there were a ton of different ways they made rangoons for you...PB & J, with powered sugar, etc. We will definitely have to try it next time...we were busting at the seams already as it was! It ended up being a gorgeous, perfect day weather wise for the market! And there's just almost nothing better than strolling with the one you love on a gorgeous day, with all the fun of the market surrounding you! Love you, Eric!

I put the bouquet in a ball jar when I got home...isn't it lovely?!

On a different note...remember me talking about Yo2Go?
It's ooooopeeeen!!

All the toppings...

 All the flavors....two on each machine, with one in the middle to mix the two (ex: chocolate and peanut butter were on one, and the lever in the middle of the two combined them both!)

The atmosphere was great!

You need to go! Open 7 days a week, and I believe the hours were 11am-9pm (don't quote me on that one). My favorite was blueberry (surprisingly to me), but all the flavors will be changed out often! They also had sample cups for you to try the flavors before you chose, and punch cards for buy 10 get 1 free! I think this will be a frequently visited place for E and I. 

Well, once again, have a great holiday! Hope you enjoyed the random post! :)


  1. Ohh so much yummy looking food. I didn't see ANY of those vendors when we went to the Farmer's Market. Either I'm blind or there were different ones there that day. I feel like I rush too much and just need to look around more. It could be that we went with a cranky baby in tow. We'll have to try it again sometime soon.

    I can't WAIT to try Yo2Go!!!!!

    P.S. Jared is working Sat morning now if you want to try and do something. He won't get off until 12:30 and then I think my gma's party is at 2pm, but if you are up for doing something, I'm free!! Maybe we can get Y2G-- I'm just going to start abbreviating it now because I have a feeling it will be something we type often.

  2. loved this post! Can we get together sometime and go to Yo2Go??? Maybe after a hard day of work at clive you'd be ready for a sweet treat :)you have my number text or call me and let me know