why, hello there....

...five dollar craig's list chairs.

thank you so much for finding your way into my living room. i happened upon your pictures and just knew i needed you. for five bucks a pop, what could go wrong? although slightly torn in a few places, your olive green upholstery had me at 'hello', as i am a sucker for anything green (and cheap).

your sweet, little legs have seen better days and i am still contemplating giving them a quick and easy makeover.

thank you, sweet chairs, for not bringing any unwanted insects or bugs into my home....though it was questionable at one point. your previous home lacked any sort of cleanliness, so i gave you a nice vacuum or ten and Fabreezed the heck outta ya. so far, so good.

i hope you enjoy your new life here. i promise to be good to you:)

and thank you to craig and his list. i couldn't be more addicted to that thing.

1 comment:

  1. You're so funny! Talking to chairs! Why don't you see if Craig and his List can find you someone to recover your sweet little chairs for not too much $$.