nacho mama

my lovely hubby and i and our sweet peyton-girl took a little walk to the nearest hy-vee last week in hopes of creating the world's most delicious nachos. and delicious they were. we hit it out of the park...these babies were too good not to share. check this out:

we spread out some santitas corn chips (thanks for the recommendation, IGE!) on the bottom of the pan, then smothered the chips in shredded Fontina cheese. this cheese is a little on the pricey side, but, oh, so creamy and worth the extra money. next up was some chopped red onion, some jalapenos and some fresh cilantro. the last ingredient is the kicker. we layered some thinly sliced pieces of capicola over the top. capicola is spicey, italian ham that brandon and i used in a recipe one time and fell in love. we like to use it in pasta dishes and on pizza too...and now, nachos!

while baking (at 425 degrees), i whipped up some simple and fresh guacamole:
-one avacado
-the juice from half a lime
-one or two cloves of garlic (you decide....garlic breath never hurt anyone, right?)
-salt to taste

mash it all together and test it with a few chips....delish! my sister showed me how to make guac this way five years ago during my three week stay in costa rica. i swear that it never tastes as good as it did during that vacation. everything tastes better in costa rica, i guess....except for the cheese....don't eat the cheese.

try this recipe. it's quick and easy and perfect for friday nights in front of the tube. you won't regret it!

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  1. I always knew you could cook. :)