the wonder women hit up cHiCaGo!

That's right! What started off as a fun girls get-a-way initiated by Brandon as a surprise to Maggie, turned out to be a fun weekend trip to Chicago with my two besties! Thanks for wanting to surprise Maggie, Brandon!

 I loved my hair that day... Rach braided it for me (I never get to do that hairstyle because I can't do it on myself! We all talked about that dilemma...can anyone seriously do this themselves?! If so... what's the secret?!)

If you can't tell by now, us girls like to save a buck whenever we get a chance. So, after a successful experience that Maggie and Brandon had on the Megabus, we decided that would be our transportation of choice. What a steal...$18 bucks round trip?!

We also decided to try our shot at Priceline for a hotel...and well....after many attempts, we landed a decent price at a hotel right along the main drag. It was fine, nothing fancy...but we were a little worried after reading some of the reviews. It was the Congress Plaza Hotel...historical, so a little creepy feeling at times...Rach said it reminded her of The Shining. Eeek.

We had some interesting moments throughout the weekend...including riding the L, shopping at some of our favorite stores (H&M, West Elm, etc.), getting lost after getting off the L and walking the streets of Chicago at night (along with a homeless man telling us to shake what our mommas gave us), taxi rides, a variety of restaurants, and lots of laughter. One of our favorite things we did was go to the comedy improv show, ComedySportz. Maggie's sis-in-law is part of the show and scored us some free tickets (thanks, Rebecca--you rock!). It was honestly the highlight of our trip! It was so funny...all of those people are so talented. Maggie, Rachel, and I had a fun time trying to recreate some of the show by trying a little improv of our own...let's just say we weren't as good. :) But it did allow for us to laugh at some of the not-so-funny moments of our trip! Acting goofy, laughing, and making a video of our attempts totally took me back to our high school days. That in and of itself was totally worth the trip.

Here are some more pics of the vacation...

Can't go without getting some pics with The Bean!

And what kind of trip would it be without checking out some of Chicago's finest junk shops?!

I'm actually really disappointed in the amount of pictures I took this trip (or lack there of). Usually I am the one to take a TON!

Thanks girls for a fun trip...although there were some interesting moments (lol) I wouldn't want to have shared them with anyone else!

Have you taken any summer trips? What is your favorite trip you've taken with your girl friends?!


  1. you described it so well, han! i had a lot of fun and loved being a tourist with you girlies. our interesting moments are unforgettable....lots of memories made!

  2. AWWW, you all look so cute! Reminds me of your high school and college days. So glad you were able to get away for this little trip.