new blog!

sadly, the wonder woman diaries is no longer:( rachel is simplifying her life before her new little girl comes in january (read more here about rachel's good-bye) but you can still find her over at A Serene Life.we will miss blogging with her!

hannah and i just couldn't continue being wonder women without our third partner in crime, so we created a new blog, with a new look, but a similar vibe to WWD.

han and i will continue to write about our every day lives and will focus a little more on one of our favorite hobbies...junking! it sounds intimidating and down right strange, but it's actually turned into a slight obsession, really:)

without further adieu, please head on over to www.therusticjade.blogspot.com and start following our junking escapades! bookmark it, put it in your favorites, add it to your google reader...join us at The Rustic Jade!


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