no longer M.I.A

i just wanted to tune in and apoligize for my absense over the past few weeks. let me tell you....it's been a crazy couple of weeks:) han and rach have filled in for me and i am so thankful! between moving, christmas, and lack of internet for a week, blogging has gotten pushed to the bottom of my never ending "to-do" list.

my first order of business to address is: WE BOUGHT A HOUSE! i have a feeling that a lot of my blog posts will be centered around new home-ish topics, since i have immersed myself in some serious room redecorating lately.

brandon and i (and my mom, for a few hours) spent the better part of new years weekend painting the three main rooms in our house. we rang in the new year by moving furnature, frog taping the death out of our kitchen and removing about a hundred outlet covers. thankfully, little miss P was having fun up north for the weekend at grandma's house, otherwise, our three room overhaul would not have been as successful.

here is a little sneak peak of what was on the outs:

blue heart wallpaper? no thanks.

pastel blue paint and birdhouse decals. again....pass.

blue gingham curtains. now stashed in a goodwill box.
can you blame us for doing a little dance once all that was gone?? i know, i know...many people love this style, but brandon and i just don't share that love. come back tomorrow for a new and improved kitchen.

you'll be green with envy:)

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