Judah's 1st Birthday Party: Brainstorming

Judah's first birthday will be in a just under 2 months and in order to keep my life simple and have plenty of time to create the party I'm envisioning, I'm starting the planning process early.  I've come up with a theme and have gathered mucho inspiration a la world wide web:

Vintage Carnival

Snippet and Ink made this mood board and did a fabulous job. The vibe it gives off is exactly what I'm going for- sans the fresh flowers and feminine touches.  I plan on bringing in masculine elements... it is my son's birthday after all:)  I'm pulling my colors directly from this, focusing on light blue, teal green, golden yellow and an orange-red.

As seen on Birthday Girl and photographed by The Winding Road

The outfit on the little boy in this photo is priceless.  I'm looking for a cute striped shirt for Jude to wear and want to give him a sort of "ringmaster" look. I love the pennants hanging from the ceiling and am hoping to have some adorning the dining room.

In order to save money, I plan on designing the invitations myself.  I was inspired by these gorgeous vintage invites done by Bier Designs.  I already have a design done but am not sure I am liking them that much.  Oh the woes of a designer.  ;)

Mustaches found at Carnival Creations

I plan on making some mustaches on a stick out of black construction paper and have a fun idea planned for them... you'll have to wait and see what it is.

There are so many ideas I could try to incorporate but I want the planning process to be enjoyable and not stressful.  In the end, I may hire out a few things I would normally attempt to DIY myself and I may nix a few ideas I originally had.  I want this to be a celebration of my baby to bring fun and joy to our lives; not take away from this special time because I get too caught up in the details.  Pray for me;)

As I type this, Jude is sitting on the floor playing adorable with his toys and books.  Life is so good right now.

So what do you think, do you have any ideas for me?  Do you like planning parties as much as I do?

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