show me some sass

as promised, i will post a picture of our new and improved kitchen.

but first, let's talk details.

a few months back, while searching for our perfect home, we came across many ugly kitchens. not just ugly....hideous. we're talkin' an aray of baby blue cabinets, strange layouts (a laundry area in the kitchen?!?!) and more than enough faux for a lifetime. i've never seen so much faux brick. i know this is some people's aesthetic, but it sure ain't mine. :)

when it came to buying a home, we didn't want a lot of renovations looming over us once those keys were handed over. we purposely bought in a neighborhood where the schools were good, but it also happened to be at the top of our price range, which equals no pricey kitchen renos in the near (or far) future. priorities, people.
thankfully, we found a home with a brand new kitchen! the cabinets, flooring, appliances and counter tops were all updated in the last few years. score! the downer was that we felt like we stepped into a country cottage. lucky for us, paint is a very cost efficient way to completely transform a room.  and new years eve, that's exactly what we did.

i LOVE how it turned out. exactly how i was envisioning. i had a hard time narrowing down which color to choose, but in the end, i went with my gut and choose "Sassy Green". and it sure has sass:)
the color is very similar to the bridesmaid's dresses in my wedding and is almost exactly the same color of peyton's room in the house that we brought her home to. what can i say? i have a weakness for it.

sorry i didn't get a better before shot. i get too anxious and excited for the transformation and forget to document. i will work on that as i slowly and surely decorate my new house. go here if you want to see some shots of the old kitchen. don't say i didn't warn ya:)

tell me what you think!! do you like? do you have any amazing paint transformations? any scary ones? please share.


  1. Maggie, I love that green too. I have a shade of it in my kitchen, a little lighter I think. Anyway, it's fun to be able to transform with paint. I have to admit that when we were finished I cried. I wasn't so sure about the color after living in a colorless apartment for 6 years and then with "camper" wallpaper for another 3 years. I do like it now and am really thankful for the improvement.

  2. I love your kitchen! The color looks great. can't wait to see it in person!