These are a few of my favorite things...

I have recently come across some hair products that I am loving and when I use them, I think, "I want to tell everyone about this".  So since, everyone at least 2 people read this blog, I thought I would share my favorite things with you, in case they'll help your life as much as they've helped mine!

#1 Pantene Sleek and Shine for hair you want to sleek-erize--$3-7

Since I started using Pantene shampoo and conditioner a few years ago, I have loved it.  My hair always feels so smooth and nice after I use the conditioner.  Recently, they came out with a more individualized product line and I got a sample of it in the mail.  Well, their marketing campaign worked for me because I was immediately hooked and went out to buy the shampoo and conditioner AS SOON as my sample was nearing empty.

What I like about it: My hair is medium-weight and naturally very wavy and frizzy.  With this shampoo, my hair is even smoother than it was with the original shampoo I was using. Now, once I blow-dry my hair, my locks are so smooth, straightening is a breeze.

#2 Conair Infiniti Tourmaline Straightener for when you want stick-straight hair--$30

Last week, the Revlon straightener I had for years went kaput.  I remember when I first got that $20 bundle-of-joy that it was so hot and worked way better than my $60 Hot Tools straighter ever dreamed of.  The Revlon served me well, or so I thought.  I went back to the store to replace it with the same appliance and they weren't making the same model anymore.  I picked up one I thought would be similar and it barely heated up to straighten my wavy hair.  That's when I realized, heat matters. I was annoyed and took it back to the store. I picked up a different brand that promised to get REALLY hot.  And it was AWESOME!

What I like about it: It heats up to a whopping 446 degrees so my hair has NEVER been this straight.  Thankfully, hair doesn't have nerve-endings:)  It's quick to heat up (15 secs) and does exactly what I want.  I have always been one that gets frustrated when doing my hair because of the natural wave and lack of cooperation but this straightener whips it into shape like never before.  This is my FAVORITE product on this list.  If your relationship with the straightener in you life is so-so, go out and get this one, you WON'T be disappointed.

#3 Sleek and Shine by Sexy Hair Concepts for when you want shine-- $18

I've used this product for years now and love it.  Though, I don't have to use it as much with my new straightener and conditioner.  It's a styling aid that helps your hair straighten and adds shine.

What I like about it: It makes straightening my hair faster and better.  My hair is smooth and shiny and it doesn't smell like Aquanet.

#4 The Tease Brush for when you want a big lift-- $5

A few weeks back, I saw this brush on Iowa Girl Eats and put it in the back of my mind to pick up sometime.  After I straighten my hair, it's usually too smooth to tease very well.  I may start out with a little lift but it falls in under an hour.  I was at Sally's picking up some shears to fix my husbands disaster of a haircut (long story), when I saw this and I snatched it up right away.

What I like about it: It teases my hair easily without buckets of hairspray and it lasts all day.  For the first time, I have a little height without having to buy a Bump-It.

#5 More Big Curls Conair Rollers for when you want a quick curl--$30
I picked these rollers up a few Christmases ago and have used them regularly ever since.  When I am in a hurry, I can easily blow-dry my hair, throw it up in rollers and continue getting ready while the heat sets my hair.  

What I like about it: I take them out, do a little hair-flip and suddenly, it looked like I spent all day on my hair when it was actually easier than straightening.  The curls are big and modern and flow nicely.  Also, the curlers don't burn my hand because of the felt layer around the outside.

I have used Big Sexy Hair Spray and Play hairspray for several years now but am open to new suggestions if anyone has any.  I like it but I don't think I LOVE it. For now, what are your favorite hair products AND do you have any products I should think about adding to a follow-up make-up/body product post?


  1. For hairspray I like the cheap one. So does Iowa Girl Eats! I was suprised when I read that Kristen uses the same hairspray I do. It's cheap and it holds like no other. Suave #10. If you want hold, it's the only way to go! My hair doesn't move but doesn't look gummy. I've had to get the #8 before when they were out of #10 and it isn't nearly as good. Has to be their #10. LOVE IT!

  2. Think the rollers would work on shoulder length hair? I'm interested in giving them a shot without a super tight curl look.