How about a trip down memory lane?!

The three of us and the others in our group of friends in high school were infamous for making up words or using strange words (usually some part of an inside joke of ours). Our weird language provided a lot of joy and laughter throughout the years, but there is one word that sticks out above all the rest. Shoosh.

What in the world is shoosh, you ask? Well....let me start from the beginning. One of our friends in high school had the cutest little sister who we got a kick out of talking to. We bonded with her through her cute way of saying things, such as calling a "spoon" a "poon". At one point she was trying to say "shoes" and "shoosh" came out. After we finally figured out what she was referring to we laughed so hard and I am pretty sure right then and there declared that she was a shoosh. It was such a catchy word. So, ultimately a baby or a child is a shoosh (the epitome of shoosh actually), but anything "cute" or "little" may be declared one as well.

Take a look at some prime examples of shoosh!

Oliver (or Ollie...my nephew)

Peyton (Maggie's princess)

Sullivan (or Sully....my nephew)

Annalee (one of our good friends, Shawne's, sweet baby girl)

Judah (Rachel's lil' prince)

Hurley (our puppy)

aww...was he ever this little?!

Although we don't say it as much now as we did it will forever be a part of our vocabulary. We introduced it to many people we've encountered throughout the years and it's even traveled with us and become a word our friends from around the world use! In fact, a dear friend of mine from the Domincan Republic wrote me a letter several years after we met and used shoosh in it. Another friend I went on a mission trip with wrote to me when we parted ways and said "remember that there will always be an Asian shoosh praying for you". How precious that word has evolved, simply because it has become a term of endearment for us! I'm pretty sure our husbands have been called a shoosh their fair share of times :)

So, now if you ever hear us use this word you'll know what we're talking about. And take it as a compliment if we're referring to you when we use it!

I'm out, shooshstas!

P.S. Do you have any unique words in your vocabulary?


  1. hahaha, i love this post, han! the pictures are shooshtastic! so cute, in fact, that i just need to squeeze your head:) our kids are gonna think we are the biggest dorks in the world....

  2. Hannah, you are such a shoosh! :)

  3. Awww, the ones of Sully are so. cute. I just want to squeeze his shooshie head:) Maybe we should start saying "shooshtas" to our readers, I liked that lol.

  4. Awww....my middle dutter is such a shoosh! Squeal! Loved your post. :) Brought back lots of good memories and yes, shoosh is a family word now. We all can't wait until YOU have a little shoosh of your own! And I don't mean the canine variety! :)Love you!