Pretty Little Liars......?

I really don't watch a lot of t.v. You will usually find Eric and I watching shows we've recorded such as Seinfield, I shouldn't be Alive, or Extreme Home Makeover. In fact, we've even put our Netflix account on hold because our money was wasting away as we let our dvds we ordered just sit unopened somewhere in a pile. What's wrong with us?! How can you not have time to watch t.v. in the winter?! Last winter we zipped through a ton of dvds from Netflix. Weird.

There are a few shows though that we (or I guess...me) have to make sure to watch or record to watch for another time. Two of which are currently on at the EXACT same time (praise the Lord for DVR!) Umm....The Bachelor (*blush*) and Pretty Little Liars (*blush*). I know, I know...but they're so....addicting!


 I became hooked on Pretty Little Liars when it aired this summer. Summers are when Eric puts in the hours, so at times I find myself watching more tv out of boredom. I saw the previews for the premiere of the show, and I thought, "hey why not?!" and from the first episode I was hooked. I don't know...I just want to know who the heck "A" is!! Please tell me I am not alone in this lol. Each episode keeps you on the edge of your seat...throwing in a bunch of surprises! If you are at all interested in watching it you definitely need to watch the first season otherwise you will be way confused. I couldn't even remember from the first season to the second everything that happened and who people were!

Apparently it's based on the books? Maybe I should try them...I am sure they are for teenagers though and not women in their twenties! :) I've given into the fact that I just need to admit I love it and try not to be ashamed of it! A big part of me will always be a little/teenage girl at heart :) I will always love the cheesy romance books, movies, shows, and Taylor Swift songs. Sorry...you just can't help it when a heart resonates!

Another perk to the show is the great music they play! I have discovered some great songs and artists from the show. Playlists for each episode are listed on the ABC Family website. Isn't it just great when shows introduce you to new music you love?

P.S. What shows are you ashamedly  (or unashamedly) hooked on? Please share! Maybe they will become my next obsession :)


  1. I think I might have to start watching PLL... if only for the gorgeous font they have the shows title in:) No, it does sound good... I was looking for the music... what artists do they play?

  2. hey girls! your blog is very cute! it's so neat you are all still the best of friends. Anyways- Hannah...I watch the Bachelor too and am kind of ashamed of it. I am so glad Brad got rid of those 2 drama girls last night! I am also hooked on Brothers and Sisters on Sunday nights (it used to be alot better than it is now) so if you haven't watched that you should check it out. And maybe rent the first season or something to start in the good ole days!