where has the time gone?

my baby is turning into a preteen right before my eyes. i generally have a hard time grasping that she is getting older and won't stay my tiny, sweet shoosh forever.

so little. 3 months old.

during her first year, i would watch the calendar days and track every month. i would do a mini celebration on the 19th of every month and would make a point to remind brandon that "today is peyton's five month birthday!"...sigh....these days, the 19th comes and goes, and i find myself needing to calculate how old she is every so often. you know, so in case another old lady in the grocery store asks, i won't have to think so hard:)

brandon and i watch the show, "Parenthood" (tuesdays at 9pm on NBC) and it seems after every episode, we find ourselves thanking God that we still have a good decade (plus) before teenage angst enters our home. unfortunately, i fear that this day may be arriving sooner than we think.

let's discuss.

peyton has LOVED cell phones since she could pick one up in her own little, pudgy hands. i can forsee many arguments down the road about using waaaay too many minutes and "why can't i just have unlimited text like all my friends do???" yeeesh...

she has a thing about going into her room and then slamming the door in my face. true, at this point in time, this is a game. but i have a feeling there will be no smiles and giggles later on in life. (this could be after we confiscate her cell phone for going over the allotted minutes. sorry, peyton....it will teach you responsibility:))

miss P is already waving at boys. she also knows how to blow kisses....not a good combo. slightly flirtatious, no?

the proof is in the pudding. here are some prime examples to demonstrate my worries:

exhibit A- already asserting her individualism...and creativity?

exhibit B-the bracelets? uhg. let's wait a few years.
"like, talk to the hand..."

and lastly....

(disclaimer: before anyone calls DHS, please note that this was not open and we were in the middle of packing and moving out of our old place, so the box had found it's way to the floor. and anything on the floor is fair game to her:) i think i walked out of the kitchen for a minute and came back to this little stinker. we think she is too smart for her own good:))

who am i kidding? she's a great kid. i couldn't have asked for a better one. and she cute too:)

all you varsity moms out there, feel free to assure me that these behaviors are normal...because, 16 months later, sometimes i feel like i have no idea what i am doing. any other moms feel this way??? please share!


  1. Oh, Maggie . . . what fun it was to read that and see the pictures. That first one has always been one of my favorites. Flashing back to cell phone issues with you, I can only think of one word . . . payback. :) You and Brandon are doing a great job raising her. Just remember she's always watching, and even though she may not always do as you say, she will do as you do. So keep setting a good example for her . . . and keep her out of the beer. :)

    Love from Granny J.

  2. AWw tell her to grow up slowly, she can't be a big girl for a long time :) too funny about her slamming doors! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. I love it! Annalee too is blowing kisses to boys(or one boy in particular at daycare!! AHHH!) Wait until(or maybe she already is)she says 'No Mommy' when she does not get her way! I love this stage of life both Peyton and Annalee are in and sometimes they are too cute for their own good because it makes it hard to discipline them when you can't help but smile or laugh right along with them! I think a playdate is in order! Love hearing your stories!

  4. She is absolutely adorable!! My son was born on the 19th too, and I know what you mean about counting the months. I wish they didn't grow up so fast!

  5. oh maggie they may grow before ur eyes but she will always be ur baby!! My examples are this: Taylor who is 16 still comes up every night to tell he loves and also tell me that on the phone.. he also still sleeps with "bubbies" his stuff puppy he got when he was 1 week old although he hides it, it is still there my baby is still there!! Mykenzie she is 9 and she is my world!! I never sit on the couch without her right next to me, she will walk by and just touch me and tell me she loves me! She still sleeps exactly like she did when she was born.. on her back, arms up and legs crossed!!! To top that off she also sucks on her tongue like her pasifer is in there and rubs her "GIGI" (blanket). My baby is still there! Ryan he will turn 7 next Sat!! He will forever be my comic relief a funny, funny boy, but he seems to have left baby stuff behind to grasp all the big boy stuff ahead! Sure his blanket is still hid far under the covers of bed only to come out when sick or really mad!! His ties to being my baby are simply the dimples in his hand around his knuckles!! I pray everytime I look that they are still there! As of last night they r still..weeew good for acouple more days! so if reading this and it scares u don't let it! Hold on for the awesome ride! I cherish every minute of them getting older.. Taylor having a girlfriend.. Mykenzie in her room giggling with her friend and watching her skipping away to go off and grow up and Ryan wanting so badly to do what the big boys are doing.. wanting to play ball now and having to wait... patients for him will be a virtrue! But he is my last born and for that he will always be the baby!! Sorry this is so long but Ihope it makes u excited for what joy that little girl is gonna
    bring you! Mel

  6. As Peyton's Grandma, I too am amazed at how fast that she changes. I think sometimes as the parent you do get busy in your day and work and life in general, that you can miss out on special moments. But watch and listening to you and Brandon, you two don't miss much. I love that about you as parents! I also love that you are always keeping us up on the latest news and Peyton reports. That means the WORLD to me and Kevin. Thanks for the great BLOG! Love Grandma Jenny