Wrapping Parties!

Rachel is a hostess. No, not a cupcake (but she sure is as cute and sweet as one!).   ;)

Seriously, this is one of this girl's passions and gifts--it comes naturally easy to her and she does it beautifully! If you're ever in need of help for planning a birthday party, casual get-together, wedding shower, baby shower, etc. (you name it!) Rachel is the woman to go to. She puts so much thought and effort into everything she plans and she has a blast doing it! We have been through MANY parties and showers together (both the planning and receiving ends) and Rachel is always at the forefront of it all, making every party splendid and unique to the individual/event that's being celebrated. As one of her friends, Rachel has blessed me in so many ways with this special gift of hers and the parties she plans are some of the times that I feel the most loved by her. She does a fabulous job paying attention to each special detail--she really goes all out!

And leave it to Rachel to find a reason to party if there hasn't been one in a while or isn't going to be one in the near future! :) She brings life and fun to things that some people don't even think of, hence the beginning of the wrapping parties. 

What's a wrapping party you ask? Well, instead of sighing at the sight of the large task before you and dreading how long it's going to take to get all those presents wrapped, do it in the presence of some friends and spice it up a little! Rachel is hosting another one this year (I am so excited!) and here is what she is asking us to bring:
  • Gifts to wrap 
  • 1 or more rolls of wrap to share (Hobby Lobby has great stuff!) 
  • Ribbons/embellishments 
  • Labels 
  • Bows 
  • Scissors 
  • Tape
    Then, everyone combines their supplies and share so that they don't get stuck in the rut of having all their gifts look the same. Before you know it, you're done! You didn't even realize how much time had gone by because you were enjoying laughing and talking with the girls so much. Of course, it's also fantastic to be able to share wrapping ideas and techniques (I have to be honest folks...I am definitely NOT the best wrapper. Eric, my husband, is MUCH better than I am--he really does an awesome job! Way to go hubby!)

    Scrapbooking supplies are also fun to bring so that you can experiment with adding embellishments or creating your own gift tags.You can also ask people to bring goodies to share or provide them yourself if you are the hostess.

    Here are some pictures from previous year's parties (hosted by Rachel of course!).

    Picture of all the supplies.

     Getting to work!

     All of our hard work! Rachel used this table for her display of goodies too at the beginning of the party

    Here's a closer look! 

    By the end of the night, you've been very productive AND spent some quality time with your friends--how can it get any better than that?!

    P.S. Do you and your friends have any fun traditions for the holidays? Do you have any suggestions to help add even more fun or creativity to Rach's wrapping party idea? 

    P.P.S Don't forget to stay tuned to see an update and pics from this year's wrapping party!


    1. You're such a sweet friend:) I loved what you had to say and am so happy that I have blessed you in this way. Funny how we so often don't see the ways we encourage one another.

      You've always been good with words and have encouraged me many times in the things you have written. In fact, I was going to bust out our 9th grade yearbook and post something about what you wrote in there.

      I'm excited for the party:) I did a lot of Christmas shopping this weekend so I should have a fair amt of stuff to wrap.

    2. I've never heard of a wrapping party before!! What a FUN idea! Do you want to host one for us Hannah or can I just come to Rachel's?? OR....and this is the best idea yet....how about I just send all of mine with you to Rachel's party and you girls can wrap away! Sound good?? I love buying...I hate wrapping....this would solve that problem! :)

    3. That really is a neat idea! I am not so good at wrapping presents, and it takes forever so I usually try to speed through it making it look even worse! I like the idea of sharing paper too. I have two rolls of paper that are reversible, but even with that, my gifts look all the same :)