Usually today would be Maggie's day to post & I just wanted to let everyone know it's been a rough past week for her, Brandon and Peyton.  They moved to Des Moines and the home closing process has been nothing short of CRAZY.  It's been stressful and complicated and isn't over yet.  AND to make matters worse, they spent Tuesday night in the hospital with their dear daughter.  Don't worry, she is OK now.

Everything is shaping up and we believe will end up being fine but it's been difficult on them to say the least.  If you have time to send a text or sweet comment to Maggie, I'm sure she'd love it:)  They're excited to have their new house (it's so cute) but sad that they won't have a Christmas this year with all the decorations and "normalcy" of the holidays.  They are closer to family now though (and Hannah and I) so that's great!

If Maggie feels like she wants to, I'm sure she'll explain all the chaos that's been surrounding them on the blog eventually.  I'm not sharing too many details because I feel it's up to her but hanks for being good blog buddies and be sure to send thoughts, prayers and messages their way.

Merry Christmas!!!

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