I'll give you a sheep for some brick...?

One of the many games my family and I play.



Along with... Ticket to Ride



 And Carcassonne...


Ok, I know, I know. They sound like the lamest games ever. And you feel kinda like a nerd playing them. But you have to try them if you haven't already.

They can be kind of frustrating to learn in the beginning, so be patient and give it some time. Or, if you can play with an experienced player that's even better. 

So now that my nerd-o-meter has just gone up quite a few notches...I think I'm off to go play some of these games with the fam! And we're going to try a new one....


I'm excited! It's so fun being a nerd!

 P.S. What games do you and your family play? Do you have any fun ones to share with us?!


  1. Wow, I've never heard of any of those games. Tell us more about them.

  2. We say "geek" in our house:) It's more affectionate than nerd. Jared prides himself on being a geek. We'll play those games with you anytime!

  3. You have to try a game called Quelf! It's a completely random game that family friends introduced us to and we have spent numerous evenings rolling with laughter! Some parents don't like it because it can be really embarrassin, but it's a great game to play with younger couples or friends!

  4. Janice--I will have tell you more about these games sometime! Maybe I will write a follow up post :)

    Andrea--we have played that game!! It is very fun and hilarious...we actually played it last New Years Eve at Rachel's house (they have it!) Good times. :)

    Rachel--tell Jared I promise to only call him a "geek" :)