Opinion Overload

I’ve recently been doing a lot of exploring and question-asking when it comes to providing healthy meals for our little family.  I want to do what I can to make sure I buy nutritious food but sometimes, knowing what is and what isn’t healthy, ain’t always so easy.  There are differing opinions out there (Is aspartame cancer-causing?  Do we need to buy all natural foods every time?) and not everyone has the time to make everything from scratch or the money to buy all organic.  Obviously, McDonald’s everyday isn’t healthy but how far should I go?  What’s a girl to do?

This year, I have learned I have a Personable Decision Making Style.  I like to talk to my friends and family when I am faced with a decision to see what they have decided in certain areas of their lives and how it’s effecting them.  If I feel their plans fit our values and families lifestyle, I may try them out.  It’s easier for me to talk to a bunch of like-minded moms about things than reading 70 books from the library.  I also make decisions best when I talk about them.  Can any women out there relate?  I know 29% of you can!

My friends and I talk about diet pop, preservatives in foods, eating organic, purchasing meat without hormones etc.  I want to hear their opinions and thoughts. Usually I walk away with waaaay too many ideas swirling around in my head though. I have a problem with wanting to gain information from people and then not being able to discern what I think.

I don’t believe there is anything wrong with adopting other’s opinions and habits if they will be good for my family; God gave us relationships and friendships so we can influence each other and help each other live better.  But there’s danger in this situation when I go overboard and allow others to be my primary “compass” while forgetting who God made ME to be and how His spirit is directing me and my family.  

So back to the healthy-eating thing. My main problem was that a lot these sources contradicted, so I was left very confused.  How do I know what I should choose to do?  What if God didn’t design me to follow any of the plans or these philosophies? 

I go to God and He convicts my heart in a certain way but I don’t hear Him among the dozens of voices I let in.  All because I am afraid I am not hearing Him correctly or I don’t trust that He will make His will known if I am humbly asking for His guidance.  He isn’t tricky, He wants us to know His plan and our confusion doesn't come from Him.  I just have a bad way of making things too complicated.

Contrary to a very popular belief- knowledge is NOT always power.  Sometimes the more you know, the less you REALLY know.  In a world with billions of opinions and answers and trends, there is only ONE voice that has the perfect answer for Rachel Lauren.  First I must call on God's word, then the personal convictions and opinions He's given me. It’s OK to look at others around us and model ourselves after them if they are glorifying God, but He must be the foremost authority.

Now does anyone have any opinions on how I can remember that everyday;)

I love personality quizzes- take this one to find out what decision making style you have. Let us know what you find out!

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