DIYin' it

i have to admit...the term "do it yourself" really intimidates me. i have a history of starting various DIY projects and then coming to the realization that i actually have to "do it myself", and the whole project sort of goes down the drain. or in the trash. i come from a long lineage of "do it yourself-ers", so i have a lot to live up to. my dad built peyton's crib with his bare hands (see picture below), not to mention thousands of other projects he's successfully completed...yeah, i should have inherited this trait of craftmanship, but sadly, i did not.

i have never been a very "artsy" person but lately my brain has been flooded with all sorts of projects and ideas as i daydream about how to decorate my new house. just for a quick run down: brandon and i bought our first house and it will officially be ours TOMORROW! i'm sure there will be many more posts on this later...so stay tuned:).

anywho...i have been feeling especially inspired after spending hours and hours reading "Young House Love" and watching HGTV. we will be gaining some more square footage with our move, which also equals more bare walls. i love how a great piece of art can transform a room. As renters, we've been subject to white walls for years, and a family photo or a favorite poster with a simple frame can help to break up any drab or empty wall.

about 6 months back, i found this sweet, happy wall sticker for peyton's nursery (the big pink flower above her crib). it matched the colors and theme of her bedding, so i didn't hesitate to snatch it up (actually, my mother-in-law was with me and bought it for me for mother's day...thanks, jenny!). it peels right off the wall and that's one less nail hole we have to Spackle before we move, right? i love it so much, that i wanted to find a way to transfer it to the new house. then came my "light bulb over the head" moment....i can turn it into art! (duh...i know, but like i mentioned before...not artsy).

i ran loaded up peyton in her hat, mittens and coat, shoved her in her car seat and slowly made my way to the nearest hobby lobby for supplies. i could spend all day in that store:) i found a piece of white foam board, some white spray paint and my favorite customized "build it yourself" frame.they only come in silver and black, hence the spray paint. i am usually okay with these choices, but for peyton's room, i felt white would look the best. i'm not much of a planner, so i might have forgotten to measure the size of the sticker...oops. but i guesstimated 30 inches by 30 inches and whaddya know? i guessed right.

i got home, waited anxiously for nap time and then jumped right in. project time.

i found something to balance my frame pieces on to spray paint and few coats later, they were ready to be pieced together. meanwhile, i went to work on peeling the large, flower shaped sticker off the wall. needless to say, it was quite the task to make sure it came off in one piece and good enough to salvage. i stuck it on the foam board, cut it to fit and built my frame around it. i like it even more now, with the super simple face lift that i gave it.

ta dah!...the finished product!
i'm excited to see the finished product on peyton's wall in our house...only one more day and we're homeowners! yahooo!
pray that i can get off my booty and finish packing:)


question for you wonderful readers: any DIY projects going on at your house? i wanna hear about 'em! maybe it will give me some more inspiration to tackle something more difficult than cutting foam board and spray painting:)


  1. I'm impressed, Mags. Such a simple idea but so genius. I like wall decals because their inexpensive and fun but I don't always want to stick them to the wall. This is a great way to create budget-friendly framed art!!

  2. Cute flower! Can't wait to see it in the new house. I think you did get some of your Dad's craftiness after all.

  3. Miss Maggie....I'm impressed! I definitely think there's a little DIY'er running through your veins. LOVE the flower!!!

    Carrott ;-)

  4. Hey sista maggie,
    i just tackled this DIY project this weekend, (instead of studying for finals-oops.) shelby and i were walking around uptown pella and we found this sweet shop called 'funky junque.' i found this o-so-wonderful lamp, it was a vintage style lamp with fabric covering it. I saw it and fell in love. It was 30$ and i thought hey i could probably make that and pick out the fabric to better suite me. so i did not spend the thirty dollars on the o-so-wonderful lamp, and i decided to make an o-so-much-better lamp. i picked up some fabric and found a great vintage lamp at the local thrift store for 2$! total cost of the project 14$ with lots of leftover materials to make another one or two. it was so good. you can see it over break. i can make one for you or peyton if you pick out some fabric!

  5. Sista Blair:) - thanks for sharing your crafty DIY project with all of us! i will definitely take you up on your offer to make me a cute, vintage, fabric lamp...yes, please! i'll take two:) one for peyton and one for our guest room that you will stay in when you come to stay every weekend:)

    thanks to everyone else for commenting and encouraging me! i always have fun finding cheap and easy ways to spruce up my house. i'm sure there will be more ideas comin' atcha!

  6. What an awesome idea! It looks great :) I need to find my inner-home-decorator again and do fun things like that with a few of our bare walls! Thanks for sharing, I love it and I bet Peyton does too! I need to see more photos of her cute self again soon too;)