i need me some NOG

egg nog is one of those things that you either love or you despise. i happen to LOVE it. i blame this on my dad. growing up, he would always be the first to buy a carton and we would find it in the fridge usually around late october (no kidding!). it's never too early to start anticipating the christmas season, especially with a little heaping glass of this good stuff. as a kid, it was always a treat, which is why i love it so much now.

those of you who are egg nog lovers, such as myself, you gotta start looking beyond just drinking it out of a glass. this morning, along with some milk, i added a splash to my cinnamon pecan special K and it was amazing! how could i have not thought of this before?! not the most healthy breakfast, but way more exciting and unexpected than plain, old milk and cereal.

i also concocted a drink that's worthy of serving at starbucks (actually, they probably do serve it, i just never go there). i was in the mood for something cold and refreshing, so i poured some milk, tazo chai tea mix and some egg nog all over ice and voila...deliciousness.

my little helper...she approved of my new beverage!

final product...delish!

and lastly, for thanksgiving this year, i was given the task to bring the pumpkin pies to brandon's family thanksgiving. along with my pumpkin cream cheese pie, i found an egg nog pumpkin pie recipe, and decided to give it a whirl. and it was a success! it was still the traditional pumpkin pie that everyone loves, but with a hint of spice from the egg nog. so much of a success, in fact, that my father in law had a piece for breakfast(!) every morning! we're talkin', straight outta the pie pan and without a plate. his rationalization? pumpkin is a vegetable! why not?

so, what have we concluded? hannah's vice for this season is peppermint and mine is egg nog. rach....you're up!


  1. I LOVE egg nog too and have been drinking it all week :) I found a great organic low fat (10 g less fat per serving!) one which I was completely surprised anyone makes organic egg nog but I was in! That pie sounds amazing too :)

  2. ooh..i am always up for organic options. i may have to do a little searching and try that kind of egg nog. thanks, marissa!:)

  3. You know I'm not into nog, but I had fun reading the post, and love how your helper looks in her photo.

  4. Ok, then I must tell you dear sweet Maggie....did you know that in addition to their AMAZING seasonal peppermint ice cream, that Baskin & Robbins also has egg nog ice cream at Christmas time? Saw it yesterday when I stopped there to pick up some peppermint to take to my parents. It looked like it would taste delicious if you like egg nog. Rich, creamy....oh yes, it looked VERY good! Don't know if you have a B & R in Ames, but you must visit the one here after you get here if not!

  5. this is wonderful news, luann! we don't have a B & R in ames, but i'm sure brandon wouldn't mind stopping by the one in wdm next week after we move (yay!)...he LOVES Baskin Robbins! thanks for the insight!