Play date!

Maggie is still taking a brief hiatus after all the moving and such so I thought I would pop in and post some pictures from a few weeks back.  Jude and I went up to Ames before the big move to help pack.  And by that I mean, the kids ate cheerios/played/screamed while Maggie and I drank chocolate shakes from McDonalds.  It's easy to forget how little you can get done with two little ones around.  I did get one box of linens packed for her though;)

Pretty blue eyes!

I'm glad they will have each other since it doesn't look like they will have cousins for awhile:)

My little man in suspenders.

Peyton likes to laugh at Jude.

 This one is my favorite; Peyton is telling Judah a very thought provoking secret.  

Leaning in for a kiss!


  1. awww..i love these two little people:) thanks for posting these! you got some great shots! i had fun that day packing, even if we only got one or two boxes packed:) thanks for coming up to help!

  2. I love these two! Such great photos, thanks for sharing, I can't get enough of these cuties.