And Let There be Light!!

When Eric and I moved into our new house we loved pretty much every aspect of it. The people who had lived there before us had done a TON of amazing things with the house (seriously you should see the before and afters!) It will be 100 years old not too long from now :) Even the paint colors were ones that we enjoyed. It was awesome to not feel like we had to rush into painting every room. We lived in it a year before we officially decided we wanted to repaint the dining room.

Here is a before pic: 

We decided that the color was a little too dark, especially with the way the daylight comes into our house (our house faces east, so the windows on the side of this room face south, which doesn't allow a TON of daylight). It's a great color for the Christmas season, but for the remainder of the looong winter it doesn't help the glum feel. In the summer it felt off too. And to be completely honest, it wasn't a very "Hannah" color :) Does anyone else do this? My friends and I say this type of thing because we know each others' styles so well that they become titled as either very "Hannah", "Maggie", or "Rachel", etc.

So, I gathered a little inspiration from the room we have claimed ours at the house in Mexico we've stayed at the last two years. I absolutely adore the color scheme in this room...and as our good friend, Marissa pointed out...it was a very "Hannah's colors" room. :)

 The color of the walls of this room is actually the type of color I am looking at for when we re-do our kitchen (hopefully happening soon). I found a similar one when we were looking for the dining room paint called "Apple Crisp". Mmmmm...doesn't the name of that sound just perfect for a kitchen color?!

I also found some inspiration from my Better Homes and Gardens magazine, when they confirmed that my idea of the type of color I wanted  for the dining room could actually work. Thank you BHG!!

So, without further adieu...here is the new and improved dining room! (We re- painted just the top portion):

The color is "Juicy Passionfruit". It is a peachy, coral, orange color. It definitely brightens the room! I love how it looks with the dark wood-work. I think it goes great with the rest of our decorations and will be a color that works all year long for every season. Not to mention that it is very "Hannah" :)

A good friend of ours painted it for us...besides not having much spare time, we were also very intimidated by all of the trim!! I actually know a few great painters if you are ever in need--let me know!

So....what do you think?!


  1. Looks great! A very Hannah color. ;)

  2. wowza! oh so very "Hannah":) you will have so much fun accessorizing and decorating with this color scheme! your center piece looks great in there too....yay for taking the plunge and making a change!:)

  3. LOVE how it brightens the room!! Beautiful! I agree with Maggie. It looks really good with your centerpiece!! So Hannah! :) Would love the names of your painters!

  4. First....very pretty color....and very "Hannah". Much more then the first one!

    Second....did mom and I get a great center piece for you or what....we knew you would want that color:) And that sign with your name on it...where ever did you get that...it looks great too!

    Third...can't wait to see it in person! What time should I be over for dinner?

    Forth-mom...I thought I was your painter....I'm offended:) No more room makeovers for you!

  5. Hannah, it's a very pretty color. One of my favorites! Looking forward to seeing it in person sometime soon;)