one hot tuesday at Old Chicago...

...The Wonder Woman Diaries was born.

the three of us were sitting in a booth, in the back of the restaurant, munching on chicken and jalapeno pizza and brainstorming ideas for our hypothetical blog. the idea seemed like a joke at first, but as we got to talking about it, we decided to go for it. let's start a blog...why not??

but let's back up for a minute. over the past few years, jobs, husbands, babies and physical miles have intervened with our friendship. don't get me wrong, we ladies can always pick up where we left off, but i can honestly say that months would go by before the three of us would get a chance to just BE. no bachelorette parties, no baby showers, no husbands in tow....just Maggie, Hannah and Rachel. the blonde, the brunette, and the redhead:)

so we all made the decision to have girl's night once a month. leave the husbands to fend for themselves (and pray they remember to feed our kids:)) and have a rendezvous to catch up life. let me tell you....these nights were always the highlight of my month. as a stay at home mom and in-home child care provider, let's just say i don't leave the house much. not to mention the fact that i hang out with little people all day. every working wife and/or mom needs a girls night out. amen??:)

so thus, our sweet little blog was created. and it has been a wonderful ride ever since.

three cheers for caribu coffee. the latest venue of our girl's night.(ps...the chai was SO GOOD! better than starbucks, IMO)


  1. You are three of my five favorite people with whom I would choose to cruise. :) So glad the blonde, the brunette and the redhead have remained friends for life.

  2. I ditto everything Janice just said!