Taming our "craft itch"

No, this is not a post about medicinal treatments for a scratchy ailment.  :)

Maggie emailed Hannah and I last week wanting to get together to craft. She said something about having a horrible craft itch and needing to get together to solve that problem. We laughed.

We all have projects we can work on and what's better than doing them in good company?  It's a way for us to laugh together and feel like we're accomplishing something pretty too :)  As a side note, I am loving having Maggie so much closer than she used to be.  It's like a 7 minute drive to her house now and I get to see her all the time!! Craft night never would have happened before she moved.

So, last night we got together and brought our supplies to my place to craft.  I worked on some surprises for Judah's birthday, Hannah scrapbooked her and Eric's engagement, and Mags was eager to create a wreath she's been loving for awhile now.  I also got on the wreath bandwagon toward the end and started a green and white one.

Mags "rolling" one of her felt flower roses for her wreath.  

Some of my creations.  (Hannah had fun messing around with my camera and took this fun photo).

Measure twice, cut once!

Hannah scrapbooking...  truth be told, this was a faux-shot because we had forgotten to take one of her when she was actually working lol.  

None of us finished our projects; between eating 56 monster cookies (give or take a few) and Maggie's car getting hit by our neighbor, we could have used another hour or two:)  Maggie's car is alright by the way, but that sure was a strange chain of events...

Anyway, I know a lot of you out there like to create things... and sometimes it can be therapeutic to work on projects alone but nothing is better than chatting, eating and crafting with some great friends.

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