Happy Birthday, Rachel!!

Today is our very own wonder woman, Rachel's bday!

Happy birthday, sweet friend!!

Hope you feel very loved and special today (you deserve it!) and can't wait to celebrate with you on Wednesday!!

Please share comments on what Rachel means to you to help remind her how special she is to all of us today!


  1. rachel is the kind of gal who brings ice cream to her overwhelmed and lonely friend, all on a moments notice:) she is a wonderful friend and i couldn't imagine my life without her and her beautiful soul. happy 25th, rahachulatta:) can't wait to celebrate with you!!

  2. Awww, thanks girlies:) This makes me feel really special. I love you both so much. I had no idea you were going to write a post Hannah but I saw I got a comment on "Happy Birthday, Rachel" and I was excited:) See you both soon!!

  3. Rachel is one of a kind. . . God definitely broke the mold after He made her! I mean that in the kindest sense of the word. She's one of the most creative, energetic people I know, and so grounded in her faith. It is a joy to know you, Rachel!

  4. Hope your day is as BEAUTIFUL as you are!! Love you so much!

  5. I commented earlier, don't know what happened to it! Anyway, I hope you've had a great day, Rach! You're a wonderful friend always willing to help another friend. Such a fun loving brave woman :) love you!