Have you heard of Pinterest?  It's an online collection of things YOU love.

Download the "Pin It" button and whenever you find things you're groovin' on, you can take a snapshot of the item/space/goodie/creative endevour and save it to your pin board.

Right now, I am creating boards of inspiration for Judah's birthday party, wedding ideas, and our bedroom decor.  It's so fun to see other people's pin boards and then "repin" their pins to my board. It's even more fun when someone "repins" something of yours to their pinboard.

What I love about Pinterest:
  • It was started in Des Moines but now it's all over the nation
  • There are a lot of creative people on Pinterest and the inspiration is endless
  • It's a great way to store all the ideas/products you come across online
  • Besides organization, it's a social tool where you interact with others and their boards.  
  • It gives you an outlet to share the fun things you come across on the internet or projects you may be working on 
  • It lets you share on Facebook or Twitter too
  • You can install an icon on your blog to connect it with your Pinterest-- it can increase traffic to both.
  • It is SO. MUCH. FUN.!

Leave a comment with your email if you'd like to be invited and I'll invite you to Pinterest ASAP.  


  1. Invite me please! jakenkait28@gmail.com

  2. Hey! This is Leigh - one of Maggie's neighbors growing up. I think this looks cool and just joined. Thanks for the suggestion!

  3. can you invite me too please :) q_anreese@yahoo.com

  4. would like to be invited too-love crafts! punky9@cox.net