so this is L.O.V.E.

This post was intended to be for last week, but if you can all bear with me due to the fact that my home computer has broken down and we are in the process of searching for a new one! It makes it just a tad bit difficult to post! ;) So...pretend like it's last week please!


Well, since it IS the week of Valentine's Day, I figured I would take this time to dote on my wonderful hubby.

I am SO thankful for Eric. He is truly my prince. As my sister pointed out in her speech on our wedding day, they say hindsight is 20/20. You see...my FAVORITE movie when I was growing up was "The Little Mermaid". I would literally perch myself on the edge of the couch (aka my own personal "rock") and sing along with Ariel (ahhhhhhh......ahhhhhhh.....you know the song), waiting for my prince Eric! Seriously, how amazing is it that I actually was waiting for my prince Eric?! God blows me away with His creativity! A big part of that little girl connected with that movie in a much deeper way than anyone could imagine, including herself.

Along with being just as handsome as the Disney prince Eric....

(see the resemblance?!)

Eric also has many other prince-like qualities. He totally pampered me and treated me like his princess this V-day! We both agreed to a price limit for each other's gifts this year and Eric (sneaky him) all along had something else up his sleeve. Along with some Dove chocolates (my fav! oh and they were peanut butter!), some earrings from Franchesca's (one of my fav stores!), he totally spoiled me and got me a 90 minute hot stone massage!! (gasp!!) What a keeper, huh?! :)

I cannot even begin to descibe all that he's meant to me the years we've known each other. I continue to be blown away by the man that he is and who he continues to become in Christ. I love watching him follow after God and along with that leading me as he goes. I continue to fall more and more in love with you every day, Eric! Thank you for everything.

You were well worth the wait. :)

P.S. Share with us about what someone special in your life has meant to you!


  1. Oh how I remember you singing for your Prince Eric....over and over and over again. :) If only I had a dollar for everytime I saw you perched on your rock (the arm of the couch) singing that song, I could retire. Such precious memories...

    I agree with you that you found your prince!! Our family is much richer with Prince Eric in our lives.

    Love you so very much!! Mom

  2. Thank you my wonderful wife! It makes me feel good to hear you say things like that. I am so glad you were looking for me since you were so litte...lol! I could not be more blessed to be your husband and to have you as my wife. And of course, the blessing of your family that came with my marriage to you. God must love me so much to pour out these kinds of blessings.