And they call it puppy love...

Maggie and I had a fun time last week dressing our kids up to take pictures for Valentine's Day.  Here's what happened:

"You want me to WHAT?"

"How about I just play with her hair instead?"

"Yes, this BOW is what I was after".

"Woah, this is... new."

"He he he, this is fun mommy."

Notice Judah's shirt.  I found it at the Mommy and Me consignment store and it launched this whole photo shoot idea.  

And because Peyton took the most beautiful photos, I had to include them.  Just look at those eyes.


  1. Adorable! I love how you coordinated their outfits, too!

  2. Oh my word. These kids are seriously the CUTEST EVER! I love every one of these photos! They made my heart melt :) perfect for Valentines Day. Thanks for sharing your adorable offspring with us!

  3. LOVE these pictures!! :) So are they boyfriend and girlfriend, or what?! Maybe with you two's baby # 2's there will be a little vetsch baby taking pictures too! ;)