bathroom facelift

in the spirit of room makeovers this week (check out hannah's new dining room color), i thought i would share our new and improved bathroom. we didn't do a whole lot of over-hauling, but just enough to really clean things up and simplify. unfortunately, i am terrible at taking before pictures, so you will just have to take my word for it. here are the few that i took before we started making changes:

first things first....the hardware. brassy, shiny, and not our taste. as you can see, they got voted out. and then nicely lined up so i could take a picture to post on craigslist. anyone want 'em?

the best pic i could get of the whole bathroom. this is still with the brass hardware. also note the purple and white sponge paint on the bottom half of the wall. hoo boy...that had to go.

a close up of the purple madness. imagine, if you will, various sizes and colors of lighthouse wallpaper, lining the top edge of this paint. making its way all around the bathroom. they got yanked during the destruction of the kitchen wallpaper...hence, no picture.
new color and new fixtures. sans wallpaper.

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this guy is so much more delightful to wash your hands under:)

replacement towel bars. these babies really proved my husband's good handiwork. he put these in all by himself, with barely any tools! sometimes i think he's a human level....the guy has an eye for straight lines!! ....if only he knew how to use the towel bars, which would eliminate the wrinkly towels, eh?

so there you have it. a (fairly) cheap and easy way to makeover a room. five rooms painted, two to go!

what do you think??


  1. Amazing how a few changes can make a HUGE difference! Love it! I'm waiting for an invitation to come see your new house by the way!!! Haven't seen Rachel's either! What's the deal? And here I thought 2nd mom status meant something! Bother!

  2. It is really a much nicer blue than what shows up in the photos, too. Hey, Luann, we should organize a Mom's house tour and go to all three houses. I'd love to see the work Rachel and Jared have done to their house and Hannah's newly painted dining room, too!

  3. I need to pop in there and take a look at the fixtures. I have probably been to your house 5x since you put these babies up. It looks great and makes a huge difference!

  4. "like" button! :) need to come over and see it!!